Legal Interstices: Are You Exempted From Tyranny?

“Those comparatively few law students of those comparatively few law schools who do learn to recognize the great gap between worldly problems and legal principles – and who do not later fall prey to the propaganda of the trade they are practicing and forget all they once knew – can become extremely useful citizens. They have been trained to look at every legal problem as what it really is – a practical problem in the adjustment of men’s affairs. They have been taught how to throw aside the entangling trappings of legal language in seeking a fair and reasonable and workable solution; and then, having found such a solution, how to wrap it up again in respectable legal clothes and work for it in terms of principles of Law. In short, they have learned how to treat the whole of The Law as a technique, as a means to an end, as Pleading and Procedure. And, more than that, they have learned something woefully rare among the modern medicine men. They have learned to concentrate on the end, which is the practical solution of a human problem, instead of on the means, which is The Law.”

Fred Rodell



Legal interstices, briefly defined, are grey areas within the law that can be used to violate the spirit of the law while simultaneously keeping the letter of the law. A “rules lawyer” can engage in the “sharp practice” of exploiting legal technicalities in order to game the system so as to advantageously benefit himself or his client. This “legal opportunism” can be frequently observed by the variety of constitutional interpretive schemes as well as the “malicious compliance” observable in many corporate workplaces. Continue reading

Letters from Massey (No. 6 – 10)

Kevin “KC” Massey is an American political prisoner who has been convicted of being a felon in possession of firearm, as documented at length in Gary Hunt’s Camp Lone Starseries. While rotting away in a government dungeon, Massey has decided to write letters from prison so as to exercise his freedoms of speech and of the press. Be sure to read, “Caged Arbitrarily: KC Massey on Government Dungeons,” andLetters from Massey (No. 1 – 5),” before perusing this selection.



VI. Letters from Jail #6 [7/14/15]

I am writing this letter to explain what I have seen and understand by reading the word of God.  I want to start this off with a quote from Jesus Christ to his disciples before his crucifixion – John 10.25-26 “I have told you and you do not believe.  The works I do in my Father’s name testify to me, but you do not believe because you do not belong to my sheep.” Continue reading

Vonu Defined: The Semantics of Freedom

“You have certain rights, period; and what the government does cannot change that. The government is a thug and a thief; be on your guard, watch it with caution, for it is powerful. But do not be awed by it. Do not grant it respect or moral sanction. Treat it as you would any villain…this, rather than political action, is the course I would recommend to libertarians. And the likelihood of its success is no less than the prospect of dismantling the government from within. Granted, it lacks the flashy trapping of political campaigns. There would be no campaigns and media hype. It would be a quiet revolution and one that is largely decentralized. It would entail dozens of different strategies. It would take a long time, and it wouldn’t be glamorous.”

George Smith



Tyranny itself could be described as institutionalized coercion. Given that the State is a territorial monopolist in the provision of law, then legal abuse (aka, lawfare) becomes a fait accompli. As such, it is folly to think that controlled schizophrenics and political crusaders would be able to shrink the power of Leviathan through reformism. If vulnerability to coercion is the foot in the door for authoritarians, it becomes self-evident that reducing vulnerabilities might just provide a way out; how could this be accomplished, though? Continue reading

Letters from Massey (No. 1 – 5)

Kevin “K.C.” Massey is an American political prisoner who has been convicted of being a felon in possession of firearm, as documented at length in Gary Hunt’s Camp Lone Starseries. While rotting away in a government dungeon, Massey has decided to write letters from prison so as to exercise his freedoms of speech and of the press. Be sure to also read, Caged Arbitrarily: KC Massey on Government Dungeons,” in order to better understand the prison-industrial complex.


 Letters from Massey


I. Letters from Jail #1 [6/27/15]

As I sit here in this hell hole, wondering what has happened to me, and our country.  I have been spending a lot of time reading the Bible and reflecting on my life. Continue reading

Announcing the National Voter Unregistration Drive 2016!

“There are many paths to freedom (true) and each individual should choose the one he or she thought most workable…[t]he libertarian analysis superbly explained the political history of the world and – combined with free-market economics – analyzed depressions, modern warfare, and revolutions, describing their causes and predicting the futility of political solutions…[u]sing political means to achieve free-market ends is self-destructive and self-defeating.”

Samuel Konkin

 Voting - The Suggestion Box of Slaves


Welcome, all brand new subscribers! As many of you are aware of, I’ve recently written primers on Ron Paul for Donald Trump supporters, Gary Johnson acolytes, and former Bernie Sanders believers. I did so because I felt that these irrational voters ought to be warned about their naïve political crusading, yet I couldn’t shake the feeling of the enthusiastic authoritarianism that I’ve witnessed from voters every election cycle without fail. Continue reading

Camp Lone Star (No. 26 – 30)

The following is a partial mirroring of Gary Hunt’s series about political prisoner Kevin “K.C.” Massey. Currently, Massey is serving a three year and five month sentence because he was convicted of violating 18 USC § 922(g)(1) for the victimless crime of “felon in possession of firearm.” Please read,“Camp Lone Star (No. 21 – 25),” before reading this selection.



XXVI. The King Can Do No Wrong, or Can He? [9/13/15]

At the last hearing, Judge Hanen had told KC’s attorney, Sorola, that the Motion to Dismiss Indictment wasn’t written correctly. That motion had been denied in, which is discussed in Act II – A Kangaroo Court – Scene 1 – How Case Law Subverts the Constitution. Judge Hanen allowed that Sorola might submit a supplemental motion, and said that he was willing to hear a jurisdictional argument. AUSA Hagen was not pleased with the decision; however, dates were set for both the motion and opposition to be submitted to the Court. Continue reading

Manipulating Your Perception of Reality: The Scourge of Fake News & Media Hoaxes

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“My father was a writer…he used to say that artists use lies to tell the truth while politicians use them to cover the truth up.”

Evey Hammond


fake army document, red stamp


Corporate media is dying. Gallup found that 60% of Americans possess scant trust in the mainstream media to report news in 2012, and this trend has continued through 2015. Pew Research Center found last year that 65% of respondents viewed the news media negatively, and this was only superseded in terms of negativity vis-à-vis the federal government and Congress at 67% and 75%, respectively. Interestingly enough, this same Pew study also found that percentages of respondents who thought the national news media had a positive effect dropped from 31% to 25% from 2010 – 2015. Continue reading


Today’s “document” REVEALS that something vaguely sinister is going down next month, which might effect the outcome of the GENERAL ELECTION!!! My “source” IMPLIED that this New Standing Order #1 was really just 1 out of 5, but he wasn’t able to secure it before he was captured by the Pentagon’s Super-Ninja-Robot-Zombie-Nazis! Much like what Diane Holthaus and Daniel Jackson have EXPOSED thus far, it is now time TO BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID!!! Don’t believe naysayers like Cope Reynolds for being skeptical, because the “truth” is that THE SKY IS ALWAYS FALLING!!!

Click the image below to read this astounding DOCUMENT, which you must believe to be true, because if you don’t accept this PABLUM, then you’re no AMERICAN PATRIOT!!! Militiamen are advised to HIDE in their bunkers and WET THEMSLEVES IN FEAR at this time!!! YOU CAN BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT’S SAID IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS AND MULTIPLE EXPLANATION POINTS!!!

fake army document

The Best of American Survivor

Tacticool” advertising would make Edward Bernays quite proud, for it has convinced many who have rejected the left-right paradigm to still be tricked into buying shit they don’t need in order to impress people they don’t like, because as any Madison Avenue social engineer knows, you don’t so much as sell a product to a customer as you sell that customer on the false imagery of a lifestyle that can be commodified and sold. A marketing niche has thus been created within the alternative media as a source of revenue generation, which largely capitalizes on the fear generated from obsessing about doom porn that is done in accordance with the Hegelian Dialectic. Truth be told, you can still prep for real disasters using improvised equipment that is more affordable and pragmatic than anything these “celebritarians” try to sell to you.


best of american survivor cover


This anthology of articles originally published in American Survivor over the course of several years is quite possibly the very best survival book I have ever read, by far. Continue reading

A Primer on Ron Paul for Gary Johnson Supporters

Gary Johnson has inspired his supporters to do nothing at all. The recent faux “town hall” CNN broadcasts only confirmed this, as Johnson and his no-name running mate emphasized that they are the reasonable moderates who blend the best of the two hegemonic political parties. Although a minority of voters support Johnson, the itching question is, is he worth a damn at all?


“South Park Ron Paul” version 2 by AnonPaul


Ron Paul was a congressman over the course of thirty years, and had campaigned for the United States presidency three times; the first of which in 1988 under a Libertarian Party ticket, the second time in 2008 as a Republican Party candidate, and then again in 2012, in no small part due to the Draft Ron Paul movement. He has written at least three political books, the most significant of which I think are The Revolution: A Manifesto, End the Fed, and Liberty Defined. Paul is the founder and chairman of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity and remains a Distinguished Counselor to the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Continue reading