“It would be a wise thing, I would suppose, to be able to have the means to provide your own food, shelter, and water for at least a year. There’s great comfort that comes when we’re prepared…get it, put it up, put it away, don’t worry about it. Great piece of mind. Prepare for a rainy day. Prepare for when things might not be as rosy as they are now…take the time; be self-reliant – prepare. You can fight for freedom better when you’re prepared yourself.”

LaVoy Finicum



Set against the backdrop of a hyperinflationary doom porn scenario, the originator of Survival Blog has fictionalized what The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) might look like here in America. Known within the novel as “the Crunch,” this socio-economic collapse rears its ugly head in 2009 with gold bullion priced at $5,100 per ounce and a can of beans costs $150. In essence, the Great Recession is assumed to have rendered Federal Reserve Notes (the American dollar) virtually unusable as currency, which in light of today’s reality is why this novel is a work of fiction. Continue reading

Extraconstitutional #6: Who Pays to Build the Roads?

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“Taxes shall be levied and collected by general laws and for public purposes only…[t]he Legislature shall have no power to release the inhabitants of, or property in, any county, city or town from the payment of taxes levied for State or county purposes, unless in case of great public calamity in any such county, city or town, when such release may be made by a vote of two-thirds of each House of the Legislature.”

– Texas Constitution, Art. VIII §§ 3 & 10



State Highway Fund & Texas Mobility Fund balances – SOURCE: TxDOT Annual Financial Reports, 2012 – 2015


Authoritarians will commonly resort to the insincere question of, “Without government, who would build the roads?,” whenever they are confronted with individuals who are skeptical of this very monopoly’s legitimacy. Despite the fact that private contractors are the ones who actually build the roads, government subsidies and central planning has created perverse incentives and moral hazard in the sphere of automotive travel. Given this reality, the more intriguing question for me to explore is, why pays to build the roads? Continue reading

Met with Mohave County Sheriff – September 23, 2015 [TRANSCRIPT]

The following is my transcription of the late LaVoy Finicum in his vlog entitled,“Met with Mohave County Sheriff,” which was uploaded onto his YouTube channel on September 23rd of 2015. Finicum was a participant in both the 2014 Bundy Affair as well as the Burns Chronicles, during which he met his untimely demise on January 26th of 2016. If you would like to assist me in providing rough transcripts for the rest of Finicum’s vlogs, please feel free to contact me.




Hello, everyone. This is LaVoy Finicum. I promised I’d update you with how things are going, and so, I need to update you.

A lot has happened in the last few days. I’ve just had a long day, it’s late in the evening. I’ve traveled to Kingman, our county seat, and back; that’s a round trip of approximately 600 miles.

I went down there, had an appointment with our county sheriff, Jim McCabe – good visit with him. I learned a lot and I liked what I heard, and so I’ll tell you what the conversation was about. He’s already been approached by the feds, by the FBI, and the head of the BLM law enforcement. Forgive me if I get the names right [wrong], but I think Special Agent Bean (I think is the name; forgive me if I have it wrong), and Blakely is the head of the BLM rangers – the law enforcement in this area. Continue reading

Agorist Flag (Porcupine Variant)

Today’s meme is a derivative work from the Gadsden variant of the agorist flag. While experimenting with the free and open-source GNU Image Manipulation Program, I made this porcupine variant due to market demand for an alternate simply because some individuals found the Gadsden snake to be intimidating. This porcupine image was copied from the Free State Project logo (feel free to “sue” me and every other derivative work of the libertarian porcupine, you almighty FSP Board of Directors, because as Sam Konkin once said, copyright is the rip-off that dares not mention its name). For more information about agorism, feel free to read the novel, Alongside Night.


Reclaiming My Stolen Waters – September 21, 2015 [TRANSCRIPT]

The following is my transcription of the late LaVoy Finicum in his vlog entitled, “Reclaiming My Stolen Waters,” which was uploaded onto his YouTube channel on September 21st of 2015, respectively. Finicum was a participant in both the 2014 Bundy Affair as well as the Burns Chronicles, during which he met his untimely demise on January 26th of 2016. If you would like to assist me in providing rough transcripts for the rest of Finicum’s vlogs, please feel free to contact me.




Hello, everyone. This is LaVoy Finicum, One Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom. Wanted to give you an update where things are going, but first before I do that, I think it’s important that I kinda clarify some things.

People might think that I am “anti-government, ” or an anarchist, and I’m certainly not. I believe in government, I believe in the federal government; we need the federal government – how else are we going to protect our country, and protect our borders? Keep commerce regular amongst the states – that’s what the federal government is for; unfortunately, they seem to be doing a poor job about our country and our borders, but I do believe in government, and I do believe in the proper relationship between the states and the federal government and the counties. I’m upholding the Tenth Amendment; anyway let me get down to where we’re at. Continue reading

Alongside Night!

Transitioning from government to freedom is a strategic quandary for libertarians to contemplate. Given that reformism is off the table, what direct action strategies are viable and (potentially) efficacious in securing our liberties? One strategy in particular focuses on developing trade outside the purview and control of the State, regardless of the legality of said voluntary exchanges.



Attempts have been made by libertarian novelists to improve upon Atlas Shrugged by presenting more realistic scenarios leading up to how a Second American Revolution could unfold. Whether it be The Moon is a Harsh Mistress or The Probability Broach, imagining how government might collapse is a not-so-hidden delight of American libertarians. Revolutionaries at heart (even if in denial), libertarians oppose the State root and branch; yet, how such a revolution would be successfully pulled off is just as important as to the end goal itself – in other words, function determines form. Continue reading

Against the Alt-Right: The Beginning of the End for the Alternative Media?

“I personally had become so consumed by my quarrels with the State, that I had allowed my hatred of that institution to bleed into my feeling about my fellow man, and civilization in general. I’d have to watch the world burn, if only to see the State burn with it. In short, I was part of the problem…[b]ut Donald Trump did more than stir up a nativist or nationalist sentiment in me. I identified with his boldness, his willingness to stand in the face of immense criticism and say what needed to be said, his unorthodox style of dealing with people, and the success that it brought…I hope Donald Trump becomes the next president of the United States. I expect that he will. But even if he doesn’t, he’s changed America and the course of history forever. He has inspired me and countless others to strive for greatness in our own lives and for our civilizations. He has shattered the rules of politics, shown that boldness is a path to victory…”

Chris Cantwell




Donald Trump has now become the new Barack Obama, given his cult of personality. Despite the fact that the Electoral College hasn’t even voted for him to become the next U.S. President yet, Trump’s sycophants are ecstatic he won the non-binding popular vote. More important than reformism flexing its tantalizing power, is, where does this leave the future of the alternative media? Continue reading

Water Tank Sabotage – September 10 & 11, 2015 [TRANSCRIPT]

The following is my transcription of the late LaVoy Finicum in his vlog entitled, “Water Tank Sabotage,” & “Water Tank Sabotage Part 2,” both of which were uploaded onto his YouTube channel on September 10th & 11th of 2015, respectively. Finicum was a participant in both the 2014 Bundy Affair as well as the Burns Chronicles, during which he met his untimely demise on January 26th of 2016. If you would like to assist me in providing rough transcripts for the rest of Finicum’s vlogs, please feel free to contact me.




Hello, everyone. This is LaVoy Finicum. I’m here on my ranch; gotta little tip that government might be messin’ with my waters – I’ve come out here and checked.

This tank here has been sabotaged; can’t get the water to flow from my holding tank down to my drinkers. Never had problems, all the years I’ve ran here. My holding tank up here, for my cows also, sabotaged. Can’t get the water out of the holding tanks into my drinkers. Continue reading

Extraconstitutional #5: Are Texans Extorted at the Side of the Road?

[Download a PDF of this article]

“Circumstances short of probable cause for arrest may justify temporary detention for purposes of investigations. To justify an investigative stop, an officer must have specific articulable facts which, in light of his experience and personal knowledge, together with other inferences from those facts, would warrant the intrusion on the person stopped for further investigation. Thus, even in the absence of bad faith, detention based ‘on a mere hunch’ is illegal. There must be a reasonable suspicion by the officer that some activity out of the ordinary is occurring or had occurred, some suggestion to connect the detained person with the unusual activity, and some indication that the activity is related to crime. Where the events are as consistent with innocent activity as with criminal activity, a detention based on those events in unlawful.” [emphasis added]

Schwartz v. State, No. 62416 (1982)




Driver licensure, vehicle registration, emissions inspections, and liability certification is just so much paperwork, but the reason why Americans tolerate them at all is because they are fearful of what might happen if they were caught without any of them while they are exercising their right to travel. According to the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2011, an estimated 42% of all citizen-police interactions were within the context of a traffic stop (these stopped drivers comprised 12% of the nation’s 212 million drivers, or about 25 million drivers), and half of those traffic stops resulted in a ticket; also that same year, 3% of these traffic stops involved the search of the driver, the vehicle, or both (stopped drivers reported speeding as the most common reason they were pulled over). Between red tape and moving violations, the only way any of that becomes truly scary is when you find yourself on a roadside being menaced by a uniformed man with a gun on his hip. Continue reading

Cognitive Impairment in Action! Fascistbook Responses to the “Peaceful” Parenting Debate

Today I’d like to share with you all some of the reactions to the recent Peaceful Parenting Debate between myself and Kevin Geary. The School Sucks Project Facebook “group” had plenty to say, with the most insightful ones being made by David Burns and Philip Frey, both of whom actually took the material being debated seriously; unfortunately, everyone else misrepresented anything I said, so in the interest of transparency, below are screenshots taken from the comments section. For more information on cognitive impairment, feel free to listen to the Liberty Intelligence Files; also, be sure to click each picture in order to read the text easily.



Continue reading