Adults are expected to be responsible in nearly every sphere of human activity. Regardless of whether it involves treating their fellow man decently, providing for their families, or simply improving themselves, men need to take care of the business that is their own lives. Financially, this may range from paying bills to balancing a checkbook, or perhaps saving up for something worthwhile. Historically, governments the world over tend to have this noticeable pattern of not being able to stay within the budget for their respective national households; the worst situations merit what their creditors have deceptively called, “austerity.”

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank are known for loaning out to so-called Third World countries and other developing nations. The shareholding member countries (which interestingly enough, are themselves primarily funded through corporatist high finance special interests) back these “loans.” John Perkins, a former economic consultant for Chas T. Main, details in Confessions of an Economic Hitman, that certain government officials are bribed to make sure their nation-states take these loans that they can’t ever be paid back. Once the country fails to keep to its payment schedule, then the austerity provisions of the loan contract go into effect (pursuant to so-called “conditionalities”).

The aftermath of said austerity is that the standard of living plummets, multinational corporations are given undue privileges to set up shop in the financially conquered nation (by unjustly exploiting resources as well as the public), and the resulting stagflation robs the free market of genuine production and innovation. Governments cut benefits, raise taxes, and enforce a domestic police state to keep the public in line. Basically, the country goes into Third World foreign receivership.

Contrary to the mainline mythological movie that passes for contemporary history, austerity is anything but fiscal conservatism. Essential services are drastically cut to the point that the police won’t even investigate burglary, identity theft, or extortion (interestingly, even though they are abdicating their responsibilities as public servants, they are more than happy to prevent you from being responsible for your own safety, all the while leaving you to whatever stray wolves may be about). The “conditionalities” that recipient nation-states are subject to by the IMF & World Bank are much more draconian than simply living within your means.

Ethiopia, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, and others have all felt the not-so-wonderful sting of austerity. Now a country such as Greece (soon to be followed by the rest of Europe) is in the throes of it as well. Unfortunately, the US Congress has only the foresight to either raise the debt ceiling or go into default, instead of writing off the fake debt that Americans, in fact, do not owe to the financial elitists. Only Iceland has shown any real promise of actually overturning the beneficence of these wannabe monopoly men.

Eventually, populist sentiment arose, as it did during Arab Spring as well as in the British Isles. The populace is just beginning to realize the magnitude of the control grid and who exactly runs the insane asylum. As we stand at the edge of forever, the people must regain their self-control if any effective resistance is to be waged against these cheating plutocrats and their assorted minions who relish playing God with our lives.

Prepper/Survivalist Token Items

The following is a list of supposed “token items” that preppers and survivalists are supposedly expected to possess. This humor list is a corollary to TheStanglx’s “Militia Tokens” blog post.

1.    AK-47
2.    Precious metal coins and/or bullion
3.    Bag (i.e. Bug-Out Bag)
4.    Kit (Fishing, fire starting, ect.)
5.    Knife
6.    SUV
7.    Cargo pants
8.    Bandana
9.    Freeze-dried & canned foods
10.  Bowie knife
11.   HAM radio
12.   Stored diesel fuel
13.   Flint & steel fire starter

David Icke on Disconnecting

The following is a transcript of this video where author and lecturer David Icke suggests how people can disconnect from the reptilian brain.  Any errors in either transcription or grammar, punctuation, and/or emphasis is solely that of this humble blogger.



If you’re faced with a situation you want to change, there’s basically two main choices: you can find a solution, or you can remove the cause of the problem. Removing the cause of the problem is much more advisable and much more effective, because we can run around trying to find solutions when what we need to do is to remove the cause of the problem and then we don’t need a solution. The cause of the problem is that we have been manipulated into a five sense, body-computer-mind level of perception.

Now, what this creates is a false identity, so we look in the mirror and we think the reflection is who we are, when that the reflection is the vehicle that we’re experiencing and allowing us to experience this reality is the body-computer conduit to this virtual reality universe. If we come from that level, that false self-identity, we are going to think in terms of limitation, “I can’t, I have no power, little me, what can I do?” Therefore, we are going to look to others to protect us, to tell us what to think, and all the rest of it.

Fundamental to everything is moving our point of observation from “I am the reflection in the mirror,” to “I am Infinite Consciousness having an experience.” I am not my name. I’m not David Icke; David Icke is the name of my experience. It’s not who I am. I am all Consciousness, so are you, so is everyone listening to this program, so is everything in all existence. So once when you move that point of observation, your life starts to change. You stop thinking in terms of “I can’t,” you stop thinking in terms of limitation, and you stop thinking in terms of fear; because Consciousness in awareness of itself has nothing to fear.

One of the things I say to people is, when you are in a situation, ask yourself, “What would Consciousness do?” Would Consciousness riot because of something it doesn’t like. No. Would Consciousness fight a war? No. Would Consciousness fear authority and therefore keep its head down and its mouth shut? No. Once you come from Consciousness, that’s your level of Self; that fundamentally changes everything.

Then we need to look at taking control of the body-computer. There’s nothing wrong with it; it’s a conduit to allow us to experience this reality! Without it, we wouldn’t be doing that. What’s happened is that instead of the body-computer serving Consciousness, it’s become the governor of our perception. For genetically manipulated and other manipulated reasons, that’s exactly the position that we’re supposed to be in.

We are manipulated overwhelming through the reptilian brain. So, another way we remove the cause of the problem is to look at the traits we get from the reptilian brain, called bloody “behavior.” Having no empathy, with the consequences of our actions upon other people. So, let’s reverse that, let’s remove the cause of the problem. So, when we start to observe our behavior, when we start to fall into this lack of empathy, instead of saying when we are faced with choices or situations, “What’s the right thing to do for me?”, say, “What is the right thing to do here? What is the fair and just thing to do in this situation?” By doing that, you are disconnecting yourself from the cold-blooded “me, me, me” level of the reptilian brain’s awareness. You are logging off that particular program.

The reptilian brain perceives reality through “might is right,” through acquisition, through more & more. We can reverse that level of reaction-response, and log off from the influence of the reptilian brain on our behavior. Crucially in all this, we can stop reacting emotionally through (as scientists say about the reptilian brain and what we get from it) “primitive emotional responses.” Once we do that, instead of reacting out of fear, reacting out of flight or fight to situations that we face (be it a pandemic, a situation in our lives, “terrorism,” whatever), we calmly take a deep breath, take a step back, and look at it calmly and sensibly before we make a decision on how we are perceiving this situation. By doing that, we are disconnecting ourselves from one (if not the mechanism of human control), which is to trigger these primitive emotional responses, all of them based on fear and the survival mechanism.

Going on from that, Consciousness is always has been and always will be. Consciousness doesn’t die, just as we don’t die, we withdraw from the body-computer; that’s what we ludicrously call “death.” It’s like if I’m sitting here and I’ve finished this interview, I’ll shut the computer down and I’ll go off into the front room. Symbolically, I’ve died! Because my computer’s life force has been switched off and me (Consciousness) has left the room, has left the reality. So, Consciousness doesn’t die, Consciousness is eternal, Consciousness is all possibility, all-knowing.

So, from that point of view, why do we get caught in all these survival responses for? We have nothing to survive because there is no death. The fear of death and the survival mechanisms manifest in so many ways and trigger control in the reptilian brain. Fear of death is the classic, “Oh, doctor, save me!” That’s why we give power to doctors, the medical profession, and the transnational drug cartel is because we have this fear of death. Fear of financial problems, fear of losing your job, fear of losing your partner, fear of what people think of you; all these are expressions of the survival mechanism, which allows access to our reality and behavior responses to the reptilian brain.

So, again, deep breath, there’s nothing to survive, and Consciousness if we access it and flow with it will always provide what we need (and I know this from my own personal experience). No need to worry about it, no need to panic, no need to “oh, my goodness e, what’s going to happen?” Flow with it and know that what you need will come when you need it. Took me a long time to relax into this, but after going to the brink in my life on so many things when it was about to all collapse, and right at the moment it was about to collapse, the calvary arrived in some form. Eventually, I took the hint and I thought, “This is telling me something,” and “What is it telling me?” No need to worry about anything, and I stopped worrying, and my goodness me, how that disconnects you from these primitive emotional responses, which control us. You become laid back and at peace with self and at peace with the world. So I’m dealing right now with all this real challenging information on one level and things that are going on, but I am as calm as you can imagine. I have no fear of it, I have no panic of it or anything, because I have gone into this space of “everything will come to me as I need it,” and I am not going to worry about the future, I’m just going to live in the now. And that’s another key thing: the understanding that there is no time.

Everything happens in the now. People then say, “But there is a past.” Ok, where are you when you think of the past? Well, I’m in the now. Yeah. Where are you when you think of the future? Well, I’m in the now. Yes. The past and the future are mental constructs, which we experience in the now, and if we get sucked into the past of guilt and “what if,” we get pulled into the future, “oh, what’s going to happen? I’ve gotta, gotta, gotta…..”  and we are not living in the now and therefore we are not living in our power. I could go on & on & on, but there are so many ways that we can disconnect from this system and access our real power and then this house of cards will come tumbling down.

City of Ember

The following was an old blog post of mine from January 2010 originally titled, “Movie Review #2 – City of Ember.” All changes have only been made to the grammar and not the content.


Escape movies are just plain fun & are very good at holding your attention, although great character development is essential, otherwise whether they escape or not is irrelevant, especially when at that unfortunate point all you want is for the movie to crash, burn, & then end. For its sake, City of Ember is of the former persuasion.



Assuming some sort of survivalist scenario occurred, it would seem to be the case that it was necessary for the human race to relocate many miles below the earth’s surface in order to survive. References are made that they are the only light in an otherwise dark world, suggesting that either the sun has been greatly diminished or even destroyed somehow. Add to that that a gargantuan beetle invades Ember, this further suggests that whatever the calamity was also adversely affected animals up at the surface for ~200 years to the extent that at least some of them have vastly increased in size, potentially due to a nuclear radiation of some kind (possibly due to MAD).

The film opens with the role that the time-locked box plays, since it contains the only information for how to leave the city. Of course the corrupt mayor (Bill Murray) doesn’t want anyone to leave, since his little fiefdom stands to lose political power should his people have the very real option of going topside, hence the illegality of even exploring the area outside the city at the same depth. The biggest reason to escape the city is the fact that the Generator (which is the sole source of power for Ember) is failing because it wasn’t designed to work longer than 200 years, resulting in longer blackouts and more violent breakdowns.

Enter Lina & Doon, our teenage protagonists. During the city’s Assignment Day, which eerily parallels an early scene from Ayn Rand’s Anthem where the Council of Vocations hands out life Mandates to graduating students, Ember’s new influx of labor pick out their job slips literally out of a hat that the mayor holds. Afterwords, Lina exchanges jobs with Doon since both were unsatisfied by what the Establishment had bestowed on them. Within the space of less than 5 minutes, the film shows two completely different systems; collectivism vs. laissez-faire free market trade. The explication of coercive arbitrary force vs. voluntary mutual consent is fantastic for showing the latter as being the superior situation whereby both parties are better off for trading, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. Lina achieved her desired job of being a Messenger running around Ember while Doon admittedly is better off by working in Pipeworks, which places him closer to the Generator to which he believes such possible access could enable him to potentially solve the worsening blackouts.

Lina & Doon progress in solving the escape instructions the Builders had left in the box and eventually catch the mayor red-handed illegally hording necessary food supplies that had been listed on the official supply lists as being empty. As you can probably guess, the mayor gets wind of the box, thereby throwing both protagonists into being fugitives of the state. As per THX 1138, Lina, Doon, & Lina’s younger sister escape far enough from Ember that they aren’t fugitives anymore. When they do reach topside, the sun rises, showing all the plant life around the entrance to the cave they emerged from. Their final act before walking off into the horizon is to drop a rock with a message of success down into Ember, which luckily comes into the possession of Doon’s dad (Tim Robbins), who had attempted to escape several decades earlier. This implies that he will lead a renewed resistance into escaping, especially considering that the mayor got eaten by that huge beetle creature.

There are numerous puzzle solving elements throughout the movie that both protagonists either on their own or together must solve in order to effect their eventual escape. Sul, Doon’s perpetually snoozing boss, holds open a breaking down turbine in order to allow a surge of water to carry the canoe holding the survivor trio high enough over the other turbine, behind which is the waterslide tunnel that takes them closer to the exit. Most of the action is intellectually based in that the tension of escaping & evading the governmental forces takes precedence; the best weapons Lina & Doon possess are solving puzzles as well as a combination of running & hiding.

The film is redeemed by the fact that Lina & Doon’s desire to live & be free drives them to escape a crumbling fiefdom infrastructure. Even if there was no corrupt politician making things more difficult than they had to be, Lina & Doon would still attempt to escape since the Generator was irreparably failing, thus sustainability was not possible, even though Ember inhabitants were lied to about the severity of their situation. Rand’s protagonist, Equality 7-2521, does exactly the same thing, although he better explains how his now anarchic lifestyle was superior to the supposed security of the society that he escaped from.


The following quotes from Anthem relate to City of Ember quite well:

“But what is freedom? Freedom from what? There is nothing to take a man’s freedom away from him, save other men. To be free, a man must be free of his brothers. That is freedom. This and nothing else.” – Equality 7-2521 (aka Prometheus)

“I owe nothing to my brothers, nor do I gather debts from them. I ask none to live for me, nor do I live for any others. I covet no man’s soul, nor is my soul theirs to covet.” – Equality 7-2521 (aka Prometheus)

“I shall call to me all the men and the women whose spirit has not been killed within them and who suffer under the yoke of their brothers. They will follow me and I shall lead them to my fortress. And here, in this uncharted wilderness, I and they, my chosen friends, my fellow-builders, shall write the first chapter in the new history of man.” – Equality 7-2521 (aka Prometheus)

Never Give Up

The following was an old blog post of mine from December 2009 originally titled, “Real Life Culture Jamming Example.” All changes have been made to grammar as well as content.


Earlier today on the commute home I noticed this somewhat small sticker on the side of a gutter in the local party district (where all the bars, nightclubs, & churches are, ironically enough).



This is absolutely a despicable image. How much clearer can it be made this is none other than a celebration of death? That life is shit and not worth living? That we should allow the nearest bully to come over & make us his bitch? That we might as well become nihilistic little whining sissies, throw our hands up in the air, and frenetically screetch, “There is no solution & none of our problems can’t ever be helped”?

NO! & not just “no,” but HELL NO!!!! Life is a miracle, it is a gift and the most precious private property that EVERYONE owns! If a nation were to be proud of anything at all, it should be the self-evident fact that they are not dead yet. The razor blade connotes a suicidal bent, that is, a “sanction of the victim” would be needed not only to approve of said death sentence, but to also carry it out as the self-executioner.

I was so strongly disgusted with the mini-poster that the second I got home, I grabbed my camera and an indelible marker, and hightailed it back. After taking the first picture, I then wrote the following on the sticker and took another for posterity.



YES!!! My very first official culture jamming activity for all to see! I tried to underline “never” but it didn’t come out too well, but that’s beside the point. I transformed a message of despair, extreme pessimism, and anti-human sentiment into one of hope, optiminism, and eternal resistance to tyranny in all of its forms. The razor blade itself morphs itself from an instrument of self-oppression to one of self-preservation, the latter meaning being arguably akin to the Black Panther-esque raised fist (which interestingly enough, has been used by just about every special interest & grassroots political groups across the spectrum, including the Tea Partiers).

I just wanted to upload this quickly because I felt so strongly about it.


The following was an old blog post of mine from January 2010 originally titled, “Movie Review #1 – Valkyrie.” All changes have only been made to the grammar and not the content.



I have to admit, I was skeptical about the trailers I had barely glanced at when Valkyrie first came out. I mean, come on: the true story of a failed assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler? But at the suggestion of a friend, I decided to indulge myself. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Granted, the oath of “unconditional obedience” to Hitler (with the promise of willing to risk life & limb for it) and the awkward switch from German with English subtitles to just plain English provides the setting alongside the suspension of disbelief (given that all the actors speak English when their real-life counterparts spoke German), but it improves vastly from there.

Even before losing his right hand, left ring & pinkie fingers, as well as his left eye in a surprise air raid in North Africa, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise) is depicted as the pointman of the July 20th Plot of 1944. The German resistance movement seems to have political & military arms who squabble with each other about how the last attempt sucked & that they need to overtly confront the Führer. Col. Stauffenberg believes that the resistance is succumbing to their desperation & instead of grandstanding themselves to death (literally), they should try again, since making a symbolic stand isn’t enough, in that “there has to be a chance of success.” The rest of the film focuses on the preparatory stages & tasks needed before the operation is launched, although the initial attempt is aborted partly through its execution, but tried again a few days later.

Oh yeah, by the way… the assassination is only one part of a larger coup d’état by which the Schutzstaffel, or SS, is used by the resistance as the collective patsy as being responsible for the coup, thereby providing the necessary pretext for calling in the Reserve Army of 1,000 soldiers to seize major government buildings in Berlin, which would provide the red carpet for the resistance’s political wing to seize power & hopefully end World War II by being in a real power position to negotiate peace with the Allies. Of course, none of this goes according to plan.

Unforeseen changing circumstances (such as the changing of the war room meeting’s location which aided in Hitler’s probability of survival given that the air pressure was lower in the conference hut than in the bunker at Wolf’s Lair due to the weaker building materials & the higher number of windows), cowardly operatives, and just plain bad timing all serve to cumulatively screw up the operation. Hitler mainly survived the July 20th Plot mainly through the dumb luck he gained from the lack of fortitude of his assassins, not because of his own skill. Well, at least just about everyone involved either committed suicide or got executed typically via firing squad. Even the loyal General Fromm couldn’t escape execution, probably because even though he was vaguely aware of an attempt, he didn’t report it in when he was approached to be recruited.

Even though it has the tones of a war movie, Valkyrie is more accurately a spy movie. The action is more subtle & deceptive, along with plenty of teeth-clenching tension.”Heil Hitler!” salutes got replaced with “Long live sacred Germany!” declarations; in that way you could kind of tell who was on which side (of course though the resistance members would occasionally repeat the mainstream salute so as not to betray their covers).The most tense scene was when Col. Stauffenberg was by himself in a small room, allegedly changing his clothes in order to prepare the explosives with a stumped limb, two fingers, & a thumb while an aide was trying to get into the room to rush the Colonel to the briefing where Hitler was. Needless to say, an amputee trying to single-handedly (literally, again) place the explosives into a briefcase while it slides off the table is a sure nailbiter.

Valkyrie ends with some lines from the German Resistance Memorial in Berlin, “You did not bear the shame / You resisted / Sacrificing your life / For freedom, justice, & honor.” All in all, the film illuminates how covert military operations, even for a good cause, have historically been used in order to change the control of political power. Just imagine how much harder it would be to perform the same feat today with all the notable increases in security technology.


I will end with some of the best quotes, starting with my favorite:

“The people know [that] we put our principles above personal gain.” – Dr. Carl Goerdeler

“Any problem on earth can be solved with the careful application of high explosives. The trick is not to be around when they go off.” – Col. Mertz von Quirnheim

“I’m engaged in high treason with all means available to me. Can I count you in?” – Col. Stauffenberg

9/11 Synthetic Terror

The following was an old blog post of mine from August 2010 originally titled, “Book Review #1 – 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA.” All changes have only been made to the grammar and not the content.



Webster Griffin Tarpley‘s definitive expose of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks conclusively breaks the back of the 9/11 Commission Report. The federal government’s official story on the events of that infamous day are thoroughly eviscerated by this no holds barred examination of the news reports & government documents surrounding the mass murder of at least 3,000 Americans (this includes not only those that died that day, but also the first responders & others who contracted what became later known as the “World Trade Center cough“). The complexity & sheer magnitude of the criminal cover ups eerily echo earlier events in American history, such as the JFK assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin “Incident,” & of course, the Oklahoma City Murrah building bombing, to name just a few.



Tarpley graduated from Princeton University summa cum laude with a bachelor of arts, followed by a MA in humanities from Skidmore College. He is a multilingual terrorism expert whose 1978 Chi ha ucciso Aldo Morro? (Who Killed Aldo Moro?) report for the Italian parliament revealed the alleged Red Brigade kidnappers as patsies for the “stay behind” Gladio networks. Tarpley is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show & has appeared as an interviewed subject in two of Mr. Jones’ documentaries; The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off and Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama. He has appeared in both mainstream & alternative media contexts, including Russia Today (RT). His political activism in support of the 9/11 Truth Movement does unfortunately, as with all “truthers,” put him at odds with the mainstream zombies given that he is a counter-culture figure of sorts.

Progressing farther than the 9/11 Truth slogans of “Ask Questions, Demand Answers” & “9/11 was an Inside Job,” Tarpley provides some answers as to what the 9/11 Commission, the White House, and the Pentagon either neglected or spun concerning 9/11. He details how a rouge black operations network of the military-industrial complex staged a successful coup d’état, usurping not only the US Constitution, but also the federal government through the executive branch. The core ideological motivation is attributed to the neoconservative moles who assisted the patsies and actively formulated the subsequent cover-up through a stubborn disinformation campaign, courtesy of the mainstream media. Their goals seem to encompass engaging in Samuel Huntington‘s “War of Civilizations” against the Middle East & Islam, “spreading democracy” at the barrel of a gun. Tarpley’s coverage of the financial debacles of the 1990’s, how false flag operations work, the transition of the mujahideen into “Al-Qaeda” (or more accurately, Al-CIA-da), significant logical & rhetorical fallacies with the official story (aka, the 9/11 Myth), the lies surrounding the physical properties of the crime scenes (including the buildings), the threat against Air Force One (“Angel is Next”), the phony War on Terror, as well as many other aspects of 9/11, are exhaustively analyzed.

Tarpley’s prime divergence from 9/11 Truth would be in the dissimilar approach that they both take. Generally speaking, 9/11 Truth either uses the “demand answers” open-ended approach, or worse, the statist “intelligence reform” approach whereby they overwhelmingly approve the implementation of increased security measures as suggested by the 9/11 Commission. For the ignorant & uninitiated, this latter approach includes, but is by no measure limited to, biometric scanning technologies, no-fly lists, & draconian anti-terror legislation. Tarpley instead advocates for an internationally based independent commission to re-investigate 9/11, modeled on the Russell-Sarte Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal; this, in addition to the German 9/11 Truth movement’s whodunit instead of “how-done-it” line of thinking, is Tarpley’s strategy of discrediting the 9/11 Myth.

Despite Tarpley’s reveling in the non-existent “greatness” of FDR & the New Deal, I would otherwise recommend this book as a decent starting point for understanding why a steadily growing number of Americans know that 9/11 was most likely an inside job; however, I would first suggest that the 9/11 Commission Report be read first, since in order to understand 9/11, you need to begin with the intricacies of the official story.


The following is a transcript of a vlog of mine, originally titled, “SleepySalsa on Organizing.” Grammar and sentence structure have been altered so as to be easier to read, although the content is the same.



Greetings, SleepySalsa here. Today is December 28 of 2011, and today I would like to discuss with all of you the necessity for organizing. I touched upon this topic in a previous piece of mine, which was about internal balkinization (which is known vernacularly as infighting).

If you’ve ever noticed, political dissidents of really any orientation will almost always at some point attempt to organize like-minded individuals into some sort of group. Unfortunately, where most people start off is with strictly online groups. They’ll use such websites like Facebook, or even set up their own social networking sites of various kinds. Due to the anarchic nature of the Internet itself (as well as the lack of willingness for people to actually work with each other collaboratively online in any sort of group for the most part), strictly online groups DO NOT WORK!

The one exception to this rule is (of course) Anonymous, but then again, Anonymous is not really a group, it’s more of a leaderless collective (or perhaps more accurately thought of, as a shared pseudonym). But in any respect, however you want to define Anonymous, they are not really a group.

This is not to say that you can’t find other like-minded individuals on the Internet at all. What I am saying is that you can only do that one-by-one; you can’t really gather a bunch of the ones you’ve found one-by-one and make them into a “group.”

Now, do keep in mind, that one good thing about your own group’s website is the fact that it exposes your public visibility. It also helps you attain whatever your goals are, it assists you in that; but do keep in mind, the groups I am referring here to are actual real, offline groups that just simply have a website. This is not the same thing as a strictly online group that only exists on the digital superhighway.

So, if you want to find people, preferably those like-minded individuals who happen to live outside your own local area, then yeah, definitely use the Internet and associated websites to go find those like-minded individuals one-by-one. But don’t have any illusions about trying to form a strictly online group. It does not work, it cannot work, and it will never work!

 If anyone thinks that I am wrong about this, please bring whatever evidence you have forward, and then, upon examining the evidence, we can go from there. Upon working from the evidence that I and others have access to, we have seen over & over again, you cannot have a strictly online group! What you can do is find like-minded individuals one-by-one, and subsequently talk to them (possibly do anything more than that), but you cannot have a group.

As I have mentioned before, when you are organizing groups, you actually have to have face-to-face meetings. So, yes, if you want to find certain people online that are hopefully as like-minded as you are, you can definitely do that one-on-one; that is definitely possible, but you cannot just start a website (i.e. “social network”) and then have people join and now you have a “group.” It doesn’t work like that at all. To have actual groups of any kind, you actually have to get out from behind your computer and go meet people, face-to-face.

One possible method for trying to meet people locally face-to-face is to simply go a website (I would suggest initially, and use that site as a way of finding local groups that already exist, and then for those that have meetings, go and attend one meeting and just see how they work together, observe the group dynamics work, notice what they are spending their time on and that kind of thing. If everything goes well, then fine, go off of that.

I’m SleepySalsa, and thanks for watching.


The following was an old blog post of mine from August 2008 originally titled, “Selfishness: Why Bad?”



If you have ever noticed, everyone is selfish in their actions, regardless of whether they intend it to be that way. Even religious “fundamentalists” are selfish, as well as socialists, clergymen, Good Samaritans, revolutionaries, and holy saints. In the end, it is an inescapable fact of human nature to follow your own self-interest, even when you tell yourself that you are following someone else’s will or plan. In other words, altruism in practice is inherently selfish, though misguided at best. Let’s examine a few examples to better elaborate my claims.

Starting slowly with the obvious, someone who unabashedly follows their own will and who lives for his own sake independent of others even in a reciprocal sense is selfish. While this is true, how do those who wail the loudest that they serve others’ interests above their own truly serve their own interests in the end? Is that not a contradiction in terms? Not if the reasoning is cogent.

Catholics (both Tridentine and Norvus Ordo strands, but for simplicity’s sake let’s stick with the Tridentine, better known as Traditional Catholics given that they are more rigid) have always been taught that the most important thing is to get your soul into Heaven. Depending upon an individual’s “sin quotient” if you will, you may hit intermediate stops on the way, such as Limbo, Purgatory, and the like, but ultimately your soul will end up in one of two place: Heaven or Hell. Even if Heaven turned out to be mediocre or boring, Hell is still by far the worst deal of the two, and at best, the choice in the afterlife is between eternal damnation and eternal pleasure, which to any rational person is a no-brainer choice. However, in order to achieve heavenly membership, while on Earth you must submit (or Islam) your will to God’s; this requires in essence becoming your brother’s keeper and placing your fellow man’s interests above your own. If anything, this fallacious reasoning is so due to the inherent contradictory premises, that in order to pursue your interest (entrance into Heaven) you must first serve others on Earth, because that SOMEHOW fits into God’s divine Plan.

Come on, that isn’t absolute altruism, what is going on here is the use of altruism as an overt mechanism in order to achieve a selfish end (and for the moment, do not consider the probability of an actual afterlife or the existence of a God since in trying to prove my point I need to assume for the moment that God and afterlife locales, like Purgatory, do exist). In monotheistic religious texts (Torah, Bible, Qur’an) it is mentioned scattered throughout that the faithful would be rewarded for their selfless actions. Whoa. That is not altruism at all, that’s a deal. Apparently, somebody has been lied to; altruism is a red herring, the real deal (pardon the pun) is that religiously devout people who choose to submit to God are doing so for the express purpose of being rewarded after they are dead. They are exchanging value for value in a voluntary mutual exchange that benefits both parties. It could be argued that God benefits by increasing the numbers in Heaven, but then again the theological doctrine would state that God needed nothing before Time began, thus it was out of Love that he created everything that exists for his own pleasure.

Sounds pretty selfish to me if even God is no different in essence from an American industrialist. God seems to not love everyone and everything indiscrimantely, he loves those for rational values he deems important, which by definition is selfish on his part. If God is unwilling to sacrifice himself to the human race (Jesus of Nazareth dying for humankind’s collective sinfulness was NOT a sacrifice on either’s part, since for some reason they valued humanity for qualities they seemed to admire; it was in their own interest that Jesus was crucified) why in God’s name are WE expected to do more than the Almighty?

Let me express the idea graphically. Would you prefer to be this:

Or the fellow on the funeral pyre?

Or perhaps this instead:

If my reasoning was fallacious at times, I do apologize. My goal was to share the notion that true altruism cannot exist, for it is an evil mechanism designed to enslave mankind.

Robert Steele on Blogging

The following is a transcript of a video that has been mirrored many times where former CIA officer Robert Steele urges the common people to use blogging as a method for securing their Liberties. Any errors in either transcription or grammar, punctuation, and/or emphasis is solely that of this humble blogger.



I am the son of an oil man. I’ve lived overseas all of my life. I was fortunate in both having several graduate degrees and being a Marine Corps infantry officer, Marine Corps intelligence officer, and then a clandestine intelligence case officer. I’ve programmed imagery satellites, I’ve helped steal signals code books, I’ve done counter-intelligence; I’m basically intimately familiar with the way in which the US government does or does not do the craft of intelligence.

What you need to know is that I am a spy saying that spying doesn’t work. It’s costing you $1.2 billion a week to produce the President’s daily brief for a guy that can’t read. People don’t realize this. Apart from the fact that NSA is 1950s mindsets with 1970s technologies (SCIC completely screwed up Trailblazer, Echelon is baloney), 80% of your signals intelligence comes from analysis of patterns. So you don’t need to violate privacy; all you need to know is that schmuck has his call from Afghanistan once a week.

General Shinseki knew exactly what was needed to make Iraq go right and Paul Wolfowitz lied to Congress and said they’ll received us like liberators. If I had been General Shinseki I would have grabbed Wolfowitz by the neck and thrown him down the steps of Capitol Hill. You don’t let people lie that like; it’s unprofessional to confuse loyalty with integrity, and we have had a failure of generalship in America. Our generals have been too eager to keep their stars, and not eager enough to think for themselves and uphold the Constitution. Smedley Butler, the highest decorated Marine, said, “war is a racket.” War is as a racket. War is a racket and the only reason it’s happening is because the American public is lethargic. Blog that!

You are the Paul Reveres and Patrick Henries of our generation. Bottom up, horizontal connection is key. Sharing at all levels, not top down control. Public intelligence and influence is about to take off. We are about to BURY rule by secrecy. Civil affairs is the focal point. The intelligence guys need to go back in their box. Bloggers, not informants, are key. The FBI is about to try and hire 2,000 informants in a Soviet police state style approach to security; that’s idiocy.

If you bloggers self-organize, and attach yourselves like leeches to specific issues, corporations, organizations, challenges, whatever, you will be the intelligence Minutemen of this century. The power is in your hands. There aren’t enough guns to kill us all, and Halliburton can’t build the jails fast enough to keep us down.

Bloggers (as Linux as organized) where you grab onto an issue or something, and you are part of a structured citizen-journalism-blogging thing that lets no evildoing go unnoticed, that rules. So I think we’re at a turning point, I think we are at the very beginning of a historic tidal shift in power restoring the Constitution.

I don’t know how many of you are following this, but the Comptroller General has told Congress that the United States of America is insolvent; we’re out of Schlitz. We literally have no money to make it to the next decade. Now, there are some very easy solutions. I can eliminate all income taxes tomorrow, and have more than enough money to fund the government by using some other guy’s bright idea; we tax the Federal Reserve at 0.0666%. It doubles our money until we decide to put them out of business permanently, because we certainly should not have central banks.

We’ve put together an electoral reform pledge, and it’s my view that any member if Congress (including any member of the Senate) that refuses to sign both the Constitutional Pledge (supporting the Constitution) and the Electoral Reform Pledge should be put of out business, and I believe that will be 95% of all of these people. It may be time to literally dump Congress on its ass and start over.

The government has gotten stupid to the point that it can’t write a statement of work, so they ask the contractors to write a statement of work, and the contractors write a statement of work saying, “You need more of what I haven’t been able to sell.” And the government says, “Oh yeah, right, good; put it into the budget.” THIS IS REAL SHIT! I can crack all 10 of the top level threats to humanity in less than 25 years for less than 1/3rd of what the world is spending on the military. Blog that!

And I will take you the price of buying back the United States government is $500,000,000 a year. In the early ‘90s, Newt Gingrich and the Republicans got together, their plan is now on the street; it’s been exposed by [a] Columbia professor. They concluded that they could buy the United States government from school board to state house to White House for $300,000,000 a year, and by golly, they did. And every single member of Congress is impeachable for having abdicated their Article 1, Section 8 responsibilities under the Constitution and serving as foot soldiers for the President and his mendacious Vice President.

If you confiscate all the wealth in the world (which I do not advocate), all you have is a $5 bill for every $1 of the 5,000,000,000 poor on the planet. For what we have spent on the Iraq War, I could have given a free cell phone to every one of the 5,000,000,000 poor on the planet. I could have taken the 10% residual capabilities on DoD satellites (abandoned communications satellites) and I could have provided free T-1 to the Southern Hemisphere. Blog that!

That’s the kind of stuff we have to do, because if we don’t do that, those 5,000,000,000 people, instead of producing wealth that stabilizes the Earth, are going to produce plagues, epidemics, criminal gangs, [and] drugged up people. Ralph Peters is a friend of mine and the bottom line here is that the only path to wine, women, and wealth for badasses anywhere on the planet that have no money is GUNS! And what’s happening here is where we are at the very beginning, we’re just starting to come out of our little egg shell.

When the industrial era began, it broke the connection between kinship and trust, and it started treating people as commodities. And then we loss sight of our government and we allowed the corporations to buy the government. The United States of American no longer represents We the People, but you can change that. The reason it’s not working today is that we have a military-industrial complex that profits from secrecy and war, and it does not profit from efficiency and peace. Blog that!

The bottom line here is that central banking is an evil cancer. These people are selling us credit they don’t have, so they can take profits they don’t deserve out of our pockets. That’s NUTS! The United States government is constitutionally chartered to print money on the good faith and credit of all of us, and not pay interest. Why are we being such fools? Well, unfortunately, if you fight them, you get assassinated. Lincoln and Kennedy were both about to print money and not borrow from the banks. I can’t connect those two dots, but I can tell you they’re side by side. But the reality is, the federal government is broken in every possible way. And it’s going to be bottom up resilience networks that are going to save us; that’s where you guys come in.

Our educational system stinks! It beats the creativity out of kids by the time they are in the fourth grade. It FORCES you to become a blogger or hacker in order to become creative! So, you guys are the lifeboat. We’ve gone from America the beautiful to America the shit. Now, I believe we need to start blogging retrospective impeachments. I’m not saying we need to hang them or tar them or feather them, just out them. I think it’s time for citizen investigative journalism to go deep, and go back, and go current; and people need to understand that they can’t get away with this stuff. There is absolutely no lack of solution, and there is also no lack of money. What is lacking is the popular political will to exercise our God-given right to be in charge.

I got thrown off Fox News for saying that the global War on Terror wasn’t real. Well, it’s not. Ok? I mean, until we can get to one man, one bullet for the top 6,000 and we can contain the next level, and we can provide a quality of life for everybody on the planet at the lowest level, we’re not going to get it. The Air Force solution for terrorism is to kill one guy in an entire village, which of course creates 100 – 200 additional “terrorists” because of that indiscriminate WAR CRIME! It’s just nuts, and it’s nuts because the media isn’t doing their job, and so it falls to you. And my dream is to have someone adopt a zip code and start doing that weekly report for their zip code, and then those little reports will start having babies, and it will start spreading.

You’re government is STUPID and they’re stupid deliberately! The intelligence community does not do open-source intelligence information because they like to think that the cabinet departments are doing their open-source information. That’s not true. The cabinet departments don’t know how to do decision support. What they know how to do is take stakeholder interests and turn them into policy that increases budget share. That is NOT what I call reality-based budgeting. Politics today has gotten so dirty that it’s not worth anybody’s time if they’ve got a brain. Well, I don’t have a brain, I have a soul, and I believe that America needs to get back in the business of managing itself.

I am absolutely certain that central banks are an evil. Central banks are screwing us all. Orwell had it right, that we are pigs being harvested for profits. I do believe that there are secret societies, although, you know, given a choice between conspiracy and incompetence I generally go with incompetence. The Bilderburg Group, I just saw a list of who attended the last time, and its almost like a list of nobodies who want to be somebodies combined with somebodies on their way down. You know, I’m not that impressed. These people think they are the movers & the shakers; they are only the movers & the shakers as long as you LET THEM be the movers & the shakers!

I spent 18 years trying to help secret government agencies get in touch with unclassified information and Tom Atly sent me an email (and he had this little signature blog) where Buck Minster Fuller said, “Don’t try and heal a broken system, create a new system that replaces it.” So I’m honored to be here to set the tone for you guys, and my bottom line is don’t waste your time on the federal government. It’s going away. There are 27 secessionist movements. There are 9 distinct nations in North America. I anticipate some virtual separation of the Republic, and I think that you’re going to find that Vermont (for example) is all of a sudden going to be seen by the rest of America as exactly where we want to be (or Seattle). It’s called the Spike Theory of Change; as soon as one state gets it perfect, it’s going to spread like wildfire.