The History of the Freedom Phalanx Radio Network (FPRN)

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Institutions govern modern American society; corporate media, as just one such institution, enjoys the undue influence it does only by way of government largesse. Any sort of genuine competition to the mainstream media’s stranglehold on providing the “official” narrative to current events is usually regarded as a threat to those who falsely imagine themselves to be “our” rulers. Despite this state of affairs, the rise of a truly independent and free press, over the past two decades, challenges not only the centralized flow of information, but also demonstrates that the soapbox is still worth fighting for!



The Freedom Phalanx Radio Network (FPRN) was founded by Ryan, who is affectionately referred to as “Mr. Producer,” back in August of 2012. As explained on their About page:


“We may all have our differences, our varying opinions, and we at FPRN think that our programs are evidence to how diverse all of us really are. However, there is one uniting factor with all of us at FPRN. We ALL are striving for more liberty. We are a family in that respect. Whether you are fighting big government, corporate media, militarized police, or ruthless oligarchs, you are fighting for the FREEDOM to choose how you will live your own life.”


Interestingly enough, the word “phalanx” means, essentially, a number of people united for a common purpose. Seeing that the common purpose of FPRN is more liberty, I think the intended focus is a lot more appropriate than most others I’ve seen over the years. For that alone, Ryan has my heartfelt respect.

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The Conscious Resistance?

Spirituality is an often vague and ill-defined idea, especially when contrasted with religion or science. People are looking for why there is tyranny in their own lives, and some find solace in exploring metaphysics or tinkering with their physiology. Although the latest cutting edge discoveries could increase your understanding of Nature, these emerging technologies might as well be just recreational, absent some practical use.



Questioning the nature of reality itself is an existential characteristic of sentient beings. Lessening curiosity becomes the death knell for free inquiry, which marks the beginning of the end for the human spirit. The authors justify the title for their book by saying:


Consciously resisting’ means being willing to engage in self-reflection. Without knowing our own doubts, hopes, fears, dreams, insecurities and strengths we cannot truly know what freedom means to us as individuals. Becoming conscious of your actions is one of the most important steps towards understanding and claiming your own freedom. From that clear state of mind one can lead by example and help others in their own pursuit of self-discovery and freedom.”


Know thyself, is what the Grecian philosophers of old taught their students regarding the significance of integrity. In other words, what Broze & Vibes are promoting here is to willfully and knowingly exercise your freedom.

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