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Metamorphosis occurs in nature, as well as in within human civilizations. During this evolutionary stage, older patterns cease so as to form new ones. Yet, as the old adage begins, “The more things change…”



Recently, there has been a noticeably voluminous amount of work being put into developing original quality literature for those of an anti-political sentiment, regardless of ideology. Last July, LibertyUnderAttack.com exclusively published an anthology version of my reformism series entitled, “An Illusive Phantom of Hope: A Critique of Reformism.” The following August, I wrote the foreword to Shane Radliff’s legal anthology, “Adventures in Illinois Law: Witnessing Tyranny Firsthand.”

Writing anthologies and recording their audiobook versions haven’t been my only activities, for due to my reputation (such as it stands), I have found myself becoming a “consulting blogger,” in much the same sense that the fictional Sherlock Holmes was a “consulting detective,” in that I located hyperlinkable sources and proofread article drafts for other bloggers within the alternative media. This has taken up some amount of my time, which I was happy to provide since I believe in the value of mutual aid, yet, this also caused me to incur opportunity costs, hence why there was a noticeable slowdown of content here.

However, becoming a consulting blogger was not the only reason for the slowdown, especially in the aftermath of publishing “Modeling Threats & Analyzing Risk: A Rebuttal Against ‘Doom Porn’.” Much to my surprise, I discovered than on behalf of the Freedom Phalanx Radio Network (FPRN), Ryan had purchased a web domain name TheLastBastille.com as an improvement upon the admittedly clunky sounding URL I’ve been giving out verbally during live interviews thus far. In preparation for the transition, I refocused my efforts on article mirroring and record archival.

During this time, I still managed to fit in other side projects that were originally published at LibertyUnderAttack.com. Inspired by a private conversation I had with another listener of LUA Radio, I proceeded to comprehensively develop a new method for exercising greater transparency, which culminated in “Political Fieldtrips: A Tutorial on How to Experience Government Directly.” Most recently, I wrote “A Day in the Life of the Average Joe Citizen,” as well as a collaborative article with Shane entitled, “Jumping the Minarchist Ship: Why & How America Came to Be.

From now on, all of my new content will be published here at TheLastBastille.com. If you are one of my subscribers from the old blog, then I suggest you bookmark this site, for this is where my future work will appear. The old blog will remain where it is so as to maintain the stability of the TinyURL.com custom shortlinks; it will not be updated with any new content, but only maintained as it is as of today.

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to my readership, which has stuck by me for well over three years now; many of you followed me from back in my YouTube days. If you’d like to support my future blogging endeavors, the best way you can do that is to donate to FPRN, because like I already said, they are bearing the cost of the registered domain name. With any luck, between FPRN hosting new talent and my “behind the scenes” contributions as a consulting blogger, maybe, just maybe, the alternative media can be revived as the watchdog soapbox it was truly meant to be.