Quote of the Week: Disturbing Historical Parallels

“Admiral, centuries ago, these North American Indians were forcibly displaced from their ancestral lands. These settlers on Dorvan V originally left Earth more than 200 years ago in order to preserve their cultural identity…you see, Admiral, there are disturbing historical parallels here. Once more, they are being ‘asked’ to leave their homes because of a political decision that has been taken by a distant government.”

Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Star Trek: The Next Generation (“Journey’s End”)

The Demonization of the Costilla County Off-Grid Homesteaders: How the San Luis Valley “Just Us” Group was Sabotaged

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“Today, in Costilla County, it is nearly impossible to live on your own land with an RV, with a structure of less than 600 square feet, or to live on your property without a septic that the county is recommending and suggesting. It should also be noted that this off-the-grid community was infiltrated by an individual who is a lot like the individuals who went to Burns, Oregon and he was not known to be a Costilla County resident. Rodger Marsh appeared out of nowhere, a more radical version of Ammon Bundy. Rodger Marsh was removed from the situation; he came up with warrants, just like a lot of the guys in Burns, Oregon had criminal histories. A false ‘superior’ judge, a self-appointed judge, by the name of Bruce Doucette, who was also involved in Burns, Oregon, has been spending, still to this day, a great deal of time in Costilla County Facebook pages trying to convince local residents into attempting to arrest local public officials is the way to go, which is only marginalizing off-the-gridders as extremist, which is the opposite of what we wanted. Today, the issue of Costilla County is completely unresolved and higher courts have not stepped in.”

Alex Ansary


welcome to costilla county



Anyone who desires to become an off-grid homesteader must first understand the government’s laws about “nuisance abatement.” The legality of travel-trailer homesteading is now up for grabs, considering that it might very well be an activity that is regulated and licensed by the government. As a cautionary tale, it would be a good investment of your time to know what happened to the San Luis Valley (SLV) homesteaders in Colorado during late 2015.

This story begins, as most do involving the American police state, with impromptu visits by the Costilla County deputy sheriffs, who alongside code enforcement personnel, handed out citation tickets for alleged violations of the Land Use Code. These violations ranged from having an expired camping permit to not having an installed septic system. According to the grievances of the SLV off-grid homesteaders, the actions of the county government were intended to run them off their own land.

Hyrum Jensen, an Afghanistan War veteran, described how the deputies would place their hands on their guns while they were on his property. Penny Taylor said that due to four years worth of litigation with her neighbor, she faces six months incarceration if she does not quickly remove all building structures from her own land in time for the government’s inspectors. Vince Edwards advocated for secession from Costilla, and he also volunteered to be a pro bono “constitutional” sheriff for this new county.

Chloe Everhart, who is Jensen’s wife, tearfully advocated for civil disobedience given the severity of being forced by the government to become homeless. Neale Taylor, who is Penny’s husband, said less than a hour following his arrest on September 15th that if any of the SLV homesteaders did anything to injure any law enforcement officers, he would be charged with a felony. Manny Felui claimed that sheriff’s deputies were enforcing proposed additions to the Land Use Code before they had been adopted by the Costilla County Board of Commissioners (CCBC).

John Spounias admitted that travel-trailer homesteading didn’t work out with his family, so he moved to an apartment in Antonito while he builds his house. Keith Jones stated that the undersheriff attempted to turn him into an informant against the SLV homesteaders. Darrell Carter said that his buildings had not been grandfathered in, and as a result, he is being persecuted by the county government. Continue reading

Nuclear Anarchism?

The following series was originally published over at the Daily Anarchist. It was written by Foo Quuxman, who argues that privately owned nuclear weaponry provides better security than the nuclear arsenals of nation-states. Given that the production of security is better supplied by the free market than by governmental bureaucracies, I think it is more than fair to reexamine the necessity, and desirability, for governments to maintain their monopoly on the possession of nuclear weaponry.


Part I: The Specter of Private Nuclear Weapons (5/4/14)


“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me”

~ John Galt


If you follow a gun control debate long enough eventually the anti-weapon side will bring up nuclear weapons as something that no one would ever support. This is usually at the end of a series of progressively more powerful weapons, challenging the pro-weapon side until they cave in. Then the anti-weapon side will argue the line in the sand back to progressively less powerful weapons. Usually the pro-weapon side caves when nuclear weapons are brought up, but if they don’t the anti-weapon people will simply say that the idea of a privately owned nuke is too ludicrous to bother arguing about. Better to simply ridicule it. Unfortunately private nuclear weapons is a concept so far outside the Overton window of the average person that this argument works. Continue reading

Operation Patriot Rally Point (2015)

Rodger Marsh came back into the spotlight, following his RV catching on fire, in order to “organize” the San Luis Valley off-grid homesteaders. Bruce Doucette tricked enough of the desperate SLV homesteaders into believing that he and Marsh would bring in U.S. Marshals to investigate the corruption within the Costilla County government. If you haven’t yet watched,Operation Patriot Rally Point (2013),” orThe Grievances of the San Luis Valley Homesteaders (2015),” then please do so before continuing. These videos are presented here in accordance with the Fair Use doctrine; cited sources are listed below the video compilation.

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Rodger Marsh at Fort Garland

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Law Without Government [TRANSCRIPT]

Graham Wright explained five years ago how dispute resolution organizations and private defense agencies could produce a free market in law. It could be said that Stephen Kinsella’s proposed idea of dialogical estoppel is being applied here through privately arbitrated law. Any mistakes in transcription lie with Mr. Wright.


Law without Government


Part 1: Principles

What is government?

Government is defined as a territorial monopolist in the field of producing law. That is, it is the sole provider of law, the ultimate decision-maker, arbitrator and wielder of force within a territory. As a monopoly, it maintains its position by using aggression (the use or threat of violence) to prevent competing providers of law from emerging. Continue reading

The Grievances of the San Luis Valley Homesteaders (2015)

Alex Ansary documented how the Costilla County Board of Commissioners in Colorado used their Land Use Code to criminalize homesteaders who lived off-the-grid. Ansary was able to interview about a dozen of these SLV homesteaders regarding the enforced changes to the camping permits they have been relying on in order to stay on their own land while they built their own homes. These videos are presented here in accordance with the Fair Use doctrine; cited sources are listed below the video compilation.

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Liberty v. The State: A Voluntaryist Perspective [TRANSCRIPT]

Given that the State is evil, it was only a matter of time until a voluntaryist created a video by which to explain a principled opposition to the State. To paraphrase Stefan Molyneux, people love the anarchy they live yet fear the anarchy they imagine. Any mistakes in transcription lie solely with this humble blogger.


End Statism


The voluntaryist philosophy has at its foundation two principles from which the ethical nature of any and all human action is determined. The first of these two is the principle of self-ownership, which states that we are the exclusive controllers, and therefore owners, of our own sovereign bodies, and by extension, we also own our actions and the effects of those actions. From this line of reasoning, we are able to derive the criteria for legitimate property acquisition and titling. Continue reading

Operation Patriot Rally Point (2013)

Rodger Marsh founded Operation Patriot Rally Point in the effort to have three individuals travel across the country getting signatures for 13 petitions that were to be delivered to congresscritters in the District of Criminals. OPRP managed to collect $992 to fund what was supposed to be a two month road trip beginning on May 27th with their arrival in DC on July 4th, which oddly enough, was the exact same proposed date for Adam Kokesh’s canceled armed march. These videos are presented here in accordance with the Fair Use doctrine; cited sources are listed below the video compilation.

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Mundy v. Indiana (2014)

Today’s document is about a court case regarding warning signage on private property, which was kindly sent to me by a reader of this blog after he had read, Fanciful Notices: Should You Post a Warning Sign on Your Property?Footnotes have been removed for ease of reading. Any errors in transcription are solely that of this humble blogger.

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PHILIPP D. MUNDY and MERLE JOST, Appellants-Defendants,


STATE OF INDIANA, Appellee-Plaintiff

No. 53A01-1403-CR-122

Court of Appeals of Indiana

November 19, 2014



Phillip D. Mundy (“Mundy”) and Merle Jost (“Jost”) (collectively, “the Defendants”) were charged with Class D felony conspiracy to commit dealing in marijuana; Mundy was also charged with Class D felony maintaining a common nuisance. The Defendants filed motions to suppress certain evidence, which the trial court denied. The Defendants appeal from the trial court’s interlocutory order and present two issues, which we consolidate and restate as whether the police violated the Defendants’ constitutional rights to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Concluding that the actions of the police in this case were unreasonable under the circumstances, and therefore violative of Article 1, Section 11 of the Indiana Constitution, we reverse and remand. Continue reading