“American State National” Anna Von Reitz Claims She’s Not a Fake Judge

Today’s double-feature are Anna Von Reitz’s rebuttals to my article entitled, Fake Judges? How & Why Sovereign Citizens are Undermining Patriot Groups.” They are both being mirrored here in their entirety, yet, you can still download her original articles easily via the hyperlinks below. Formatting of paragraphs has been altered from Reitz’s original PDF files for ease of reading; otherwise, her content remains the same. Be sure to also watch, “The Sovereign Citizens Are Douchebags,” as well as listen to, “Direct Action Series #15: RV Living with Alex Ansary,” for more background on the sovereign citizen ideology.



#243. To Kyle Rearden – Try to Get the Labels Right

I have recently run across a lot of disinfo garbage like Mr. Rearden is spreading— claiming that I am part of some kind of “sovereign citizen” movement. Let me say it AGAIN for all those who need to know: there ARE no “sovereign citizens”. It is impossible to be a “sovereign” and a “citizen” at the same time. Look it up for yourselves.

“Sovereign Citizen” is an oxymoron. The words are mutually exclusive, and anyone even using this phrase is too ignorant to be talking to me about these topics, much less talking about me. They should be listening, carefully, instead.

The whist of their diatribe seems to be that I and the other Common Law Judges aren’t “really” judges. If that were true, I assure you all that we would be arrested, charged with impersonating a judge, and be looking at heavy fines and long prison terms.

If we aren’t “legitimate” — please explain why we aren’t enjoying a stint in one of the already overflowing federal prisons? Ah, so, Grasshoppers….. you think you know it all. You’ve been given a Five and Dime Law School Education. You’ve taken a “Patriot Seminar”—you’ve even spent more than five minutes of your life thinking about these issues.

In our affidavit of probable cause, “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” (available on Amazon.com) you will find a full page of United States Supreme Court decisions detailing exactly how and why we American State Nationals ARE sovereigns. And, by the way, it should also tell you why you “citizens of the United States” are not. [You’ve been going through your life misidentified as a vessel in commerce permanently domiciled in Puerto Rico and deemed to be a “citizen of the United States” —- a status you will most likely fiercely to defend, and thereby cling to your chains, because you are too ignorant to do otherwise.] The citations published in our book are only a passing mention of more than 600 court citations proving the same thing. We are sovereign and you’d better believe that the United States Courts know that we are. We are the ones who have forgotten. Or to be more specific, Mr. Rearden, you have forgotten. Far too many people like you have forgotten who you are or have never known. And far too many of you go around spouting your ignorance like Gospel, thereby misleading everyone else. Let’s take the name of your website: “Liberty Under Attack!”

Mr. Rearden, do you even know what “liberty” is? Here’s a hint— it has the same root word as “libertine”. It’s what British sailors get when they reach port. It involves a lot of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with freedom.

And freedom, real freedom, is what the American people want and deserve, not some Limey version of an international red light district on our shores. If that’s what you mean by “liberty”, yes, it is under attack and rightly so, for it is a venal substitute for freedom, and not half of what we are owed.

Until you get some basics down, I suggest that you sit quietly in a corner and listen to those who have spent decades of their lives in serious study—- and stop trying to label me anything at all.



#244. There Are No “Fake Judges” and No “Sovereign Citizens” Either

I have written several articles that explain the simple FACT that we are supposed to have TWO functioning court systems operating in the behalf of the people — one an admiralty court operating on the jurisdiction of the sea, one a common law court operating on the jurisdiction of the land. Duh, folks, how hard is this to grasp?

It’s very plainly stated in the Constitution. Amendment VII. Read it.

So where are your Common Law Courts, given the further fact that all you ever see in the courthouses scattered across America are admiralty or administrative courts?

They’ve vanished, even though they are absolutely mandated.

So where are they? Answer: you haven’t provided them for yourselves. You have to provide your own government. You are supposed to be self-governing,. Remember? That means you have to elect and staff and support your Common Law Courts, because there is NO mandate in the Constitution for the “federal government” to provide these courts for you.

The Constitution is only concerned with setting up and running the federal government. And the federal government is only concerned with international and interstate affairs.

So, you won’t find a lot of reference to the Common Law Court System in The Constitution, because it was taken for granted and was not the subject of The Constitution as a whole. Nonetheless, our American Common Law Court System was and deserves to be the dominant court system in America.

It’s what you are owed and what you owe yourselves, along with your birthright standing as American State Nationals.

There are misguided and also self-interested souls wandering around saying that I am a “fake” judge. All those individuals are either (1) ignorant or (2) self-interested because they make money off the admiralty court system and are afraid of losing their gravy train, or (3) both.

As with everything else, you have to learn. You have to read. I can point things out to you, but it is up to you to think and to look around the corners.

Who has a vested interest in trying to keep Americans from exercising their right of self-governance? Who profits from suppressing or attempting to discredit the lawful work and standing of the American Common Law Courts and judges?

I think it is apparent that a whole roster of people have grown rich off the admiralty and administrative court system. I think that those same people have enjoyed the power of control and oppression of others that “owning the court system” has given them. If you want justice, you must give it to yourselves. You must demand it and you must begin by building your own local jural societies, electing your court officers, your sheriffs on the land, and all the other vacated offices must be filled. Otherwise, the “money mill” that the courts have become will only grow more corrupt.

It is an ugly but common fault of human nature to want to control others and to profit from them. This despotism and oppression is something you can prevent if you act now and act decisively and intelligently in support of your own Common Law Courts.

14 thoughts on ““American State National” Anna Von Reitz Claims She’s Not a Fake Judge

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  2. Nice rebuttal, and I totally agree with Ms von Reitz about “sovereign citizens ” – no such thing. It really is an oxymoron.

    HOWEVER, any judge must be either elected by the people or appointed by an elected official of the jurisdiction in which the individual operates. That comes from common law basics. No self-appointed individual, or any mutually appointed individuals, have any right to pass judgement on other individuals in any jurisdiction.

    This is true in any type of court system. The court system Ms von Reitz is attempting to establish would not represent the people, because it’s not established by the people. It’s established by Ms von Reitz, Bruce Doucette, Gary Darby, et all of their organization, “Continental Court System of the united States”. That’s not common law by any standard. Certainly not natural law for the people. It’s law for and by Ms Von Reitz, Mr Doucette, Mr Darby, etc.

    This group is establishing setting up a system of self-appointed / mutually appointed) “marshals”, in addition to self-appointed / mutually appointed “judges. This is treason. Ms Von Reitz asks her readers why they haven’t been arrested. Well, there are all sorts of criminals out there yet to be arrested. But that’s beside the point. The real issue is that this group is working to establish a different government than the one commonly known. And that is treason.

    • Mr. Goode,

      I disagree with you that the “sovereign” citizens/American state nationals & company are traitors. That would be like saying that anyone who sets up a local Committee of Safety is a traitor; that’s ridiculous. The actual traitors (if such a term is accurate in and of itself) are those government employees who commit tyranny against Americans, whether it be by way of civil asset forfeiture, dragnet wiretapping, unjust profiling, or any other real systematic grievance.

      Having said that, I think the “sovereign” citizen (et. al.) ideology is fake, mainly because they have not borne their burden of proof for their claims, in accordance with Hitchens’ razor. Until such time my questions that are listed as bullet points towards the end of my Only on Paper article are answered whereby they prove my criticism to be unfounded because there is a basis in fact for their assorted claims, then my criticism of their ideology stands as being true, at least, for the time being.

      As a side note, you might be interested in reading Joseph Peden’s white paper on the Irish tuath legal system entitled, Property Rights in Celtic Irish Law. If for no other reason, he presents an alternative to the Anglo-Saxon common law tradition with an even older one.

  3. God, I’m going to second what we talked about Kyle: If she can’t even “discover” that Liberty Under Attack isn’t yours (even though, under the title of that article, it says that I mirrored it from your site), why would anyone trust her on more serious matters? It re-confirms that the “sovereign citizens” really don’t know how to do research.

    • Shane,

      They accuse others of what they themselves do. I think it is something that psychologists call, “projecting.” I don’t know what else to say.

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  9. However you present it, the U.S. legal, court, and state system is deeply flawed and needs to be scrapped. Frivolous laws ensure that every “citizen” is guilty of on average 10 crimes a day unwittingly and innocent and people “guilty” of victimless “crimes” sit in overfilled prisons in order to fill stock holders bank accounts is the norm

    • Duffy,

      I agree, yet there needs to be an accurate descriptor for what is actually occurring here. My upcoming 3rd ebook is all about this, and I just may have to reappropriate (redefine) the word “lawfare” to describe this tyrannical oppression by government, which uses its own laws as a mechanism to violate the rights & liberties of the American people.

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