“Peaceful” Parenting is the Libertarian “Safe Space” for Use of Force Issues

“The power, then, that parents have over their children, arises from that duty which is incumbent on them, to take care of their off-spring, during the imperfect state of childhood.”

John Locke




Over these past few years, I have occasionally critiqued the relatively new fad of so-called “peaceful” parenting. Briefly defined, “peaceful” parenting is the attitude that views parents as equivalent proxies to government agents, based on the assumption that parents groom their children to reflexively obey “authority” without question; first, to themselves, and then later, to the State (beginning with the public fool system). “Peaceful” parenting advocates view the parent-child relationship as inherently coercive, particularly with regard to the act of spanking itself, which they view as an initiation of force. Continue reading

Extraconstitutional #3 – Are Texans Compelled to be Inspected for Emissions?

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“The streets of the cities of this country belong to the public. Primarily, every member of the public has the natural right to the free use of such streets in the normal pursuit of his private or personal business or pleasures. In his errands of pleasure, he may use these highways to his heart’s content…[t]hese rights, being inherent to him as an American citizen, cannot be taken away from him, or unreasonably restricted or regulated. Subject to this freedom of personal conduct inherent in the individual, however, the control of the streets and the cities rests in the Legislature, acting as trustee for the public. The right of the public at large to the free use of the streets is paramount to the natural right of the individual, and the Legislature, in its capacity as trustee, has the power to reasonably regulate this use, to the end that the public shall enjoy the maximum benefits thereof. If in its free use the right of the individual citizen conflicts with the paramount rights of the public at large, then the rights of the one must yield to those of the many.”

City of San Antonio v. Fetzer, No. 6806 (1922)




Years ago, I was issued a ticket for allegedly violating Texas Transportation Code § 548.602(a) on the grounds of NO VALID INSPECTION CERTIFICATE [FAILURE TO DISPLAY/EXPIRED INSPECTION CERTIFICATE]. Lower on down the ticket, it said the following:



Annually traffic law violations are recorded as a factor in about 85% of the rural traffic accidents in Texas. Approximately 60% of the traffic deaths in Texas occur on rural highways. The enforcement actions taken against you and any subsequent court actions are intended to secure compliance with the traffic laws by you and all other users of the highways. Failure to comply with your written promise to appear in court as made on this citation will constitute a separate offense with which you may be charged and result in warrants being issued for your arrest. The issuance of arrest warrants will make you subject to entry into the wanted persons files of this Department. Failure to appear in court or failure to satisfy a judgement ordering the payment of a fine and cost in the manner ordered by the court may result in the denial or renewal of your driver’s license.


Those first two sentences are wonderfully rich, given that the issuing officer initiated the traffic stop within the Greater Austin metro area. In truth, this “important message” is anything but, since it appears to be a standard boilerplate that had nothing at all to do with the charge I was being prosecuted under. Continue reading

Shattered Illusions: An Awakening (2011 – 2012)

The following is a mirroring of Amelia Foxwell’s series about a Texan woman named Carla who saw Charles Dyer during the FBI’s manhunt for him while she was camping with her family, as well the treatment she received from the government police as an eyewitness. Dyer has since been convicted of child molestation and is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence; his case is still on appeal. Absent a successful acquittal, he is expected to be released sometime in 2042.




This series was first put out through the Committee of Digital Correspondence, some Internet newsgroups, webpages, and email distribution lists. In response to some of the email distribution lists, a couple of readers questioned whether the story was a true story, or fiction — and endeavor to get a point across. Let me assure you that the story is true, without question, and was written by a very real housewife and mother from Texas. Continue reading

Trapped! A First-Person Narrative on Unchosen Positive Obligations

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The following is a fictional narrative based on real events when out-of-town relatives came by for a visit. Given that I’ve been reading Lovecraftian psychological/cosmic horror lately, I figured I’d fictionalize this type of experience. Please be sure to also read “Limited” Carjacking: A Simile and The President’s Tailored Suit.




I am here, and nowhere else. Condemned to a fate dictated by circumstance, I find myself at the utter mercy of arbitrary convention. My lover’s guilt ridden conscience serves at the behest of hierarchy and tradition, yet I am taken along for the ride due to my close proximity and affectionate devotion to her. Continue reading

Extraconstitutional #2: Are Texans Mandated to Register Their Vehicles?

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“At common law every member of the public has the right to use, in a reasonable manner and with due care, public roads, inclusive of public bridges.”

Shell Oil v. Jackson County, No. 11724 (1946)




From the mid-20th to early 21st centuries, more and more Texans have registered their motor vehicles. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), there were 2,968,143 registered motor vehicles within Texas in 1950; by 2010, there were 17,193,559 of them. Interestingly enough, this means that in 1950, were 171,281 more registered motor vehicles than there were licensed drivers in Texas, and in 2010, there were 2,035,909 more registered motor vehicles than there are licensed drivers. Continue reading

Statement of Carrie Aenk Regarding Service of a Search Warrant at the Aenk Ranch on December 6, 2015

Today’s document comes directly from the spouse of the landowner whose property Schuyler Barbeau was residing on. You would expect feminists to be outraged for how the FBI treated Mrs. Aenk during their unwarranted search of her property, but I doubt that the “social justice” advocates will be doing that anytime soon. For those of you who might not understand the implied significance of this event, it is a first-hand eyewitness description of what actual tyranny and oppression looks like in a real police state, as opposed to a fake grievance like #Shirtstorm. The included pictures depict Mrs. Aenk being handcuffed with her arms behind her back and a coat over her shoulders; the screenshots are taken from the surveillance footage at the ranch.




The violation of personal freedom and security coupled with the feeling of helplessness is overwhelming me. The emotions are still very raw and probably will be for a long time. The distrust of any person in law enforcement makes me tremble knowing they can desecrate their oath and the laws in obedience with the Constitution. Continue reading

Barbeau Qued in Seattle (No. 1 – 5)

This is a mirroring of Gary Hunt’s series about political prisoner Schulyer Barbeau. As a former Marine who served in the Corps for 4 years, he participated in the defense of Cliven Bundy’s property during the Cattle Unrustling of 2014. Barbeau was arrested on December 6th of 2015 by the federal government for violating 26 USC §§ 5861(d) & 5845(a)(3) due to possessing a rifle with a barrel of less than 16 inches in length.



I. The Arrest of Schuyler Barbeau [12/8/15]

In the late morning of December 6, 2015, Schuyler Barbeau had been helping Allen Aenk by rescuing service dogs as a business service run from the Aenk family Ranch, in Stevens County, Washington some 280 miles away from where the following events begin to unfold. Continue reading

On Strategy of Cultural Change

Today’s article is by Rayo, and has been previously mirrored by Wally Conger. It was originally published in the Winter 1969 issue of Innovater. Other than indenting the second paragraph as if it were a quote, this article has not been changed.



Libertarians who choose to secure their own liberty often find themselves accused of “anti-intellectualism” by other freedom advocates. The charge goes:


“Statism is basically an intellectual problem and requires an intellectual solution; liberty cannot be achieved until popular attitudes become compatible with liberty. The way to gain liberty is not by ‘opting out’ of society but by disseminating rational ideas within the society.”


This criticism is rather beguiling because it is half true: statism is indeed an intellectual problem and requires an intellectual solution. But statism is not EXCLUSIVELY intellectual; it is a SYMBIOSIS of philosophical deceit and institutionalized violence, each sustaining the other. Neither is alone the cause; each is both cause and effect. Continue reading

Burns Chronicles (No. 21 – 25)

The following is a partial mirroring of Gary Hunt’s series about the pre-trial court hearings of the Citizens For Constitutional Freedom. These defendants include Ryan Payne, Shawna Cox, Ryan Bundy, Jon Ritzheimer, and David Lee Frey. Please read, Burns Chronicles (No. 16 – 20),” before reading this selection.



XXI. The Public’s Right to Know [5/6/16]

We all know that when there is an alleged violation of one’s rights, the freedom of the accused, while somewhat curtailed, is usually respected, and this is known as part of due process. Absent due process, judicial behavior often falls into arbitrary decision-making, biased juries, and the rail-roading of political undesirables, straight into prison. Lack of judicial transparency is usually a clear sign that whatever vestiges of a republican form of government may still be there is waning, and quickly; should the public’s right to know not be reinvigorated, then posterity will likely never know true freedom. Continue reading