If You’re Not Breaking My Leg – October 3, 2014 [TRANSCRIPT]

The following is my transcription of the late LaVoy Finicum in his vlog entitled,“One Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom; if you’re not breaking my l,” which was uploaded onto his YouTube channel on October 3rd of 2014. Finicum was a participant in both the 2014 Bundy Affair as well as the Burns Chronicles, during which he met his untimely demise on January 26th of 2016. If you would like to assist me in providing rough transcripts for the rest of Finicum’s vlogs, please feel free to contact me.




Hello, everyone. This is LaVoy Finicum, with One Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom. I just want to talk a little bit today about freedom is, and what freedom isn’t.

Sometimes, we, as good people, violate the principles of freedom by trying to be good or compassionate. For example, when it comes to drinking or smoking (where we can smoke where we can’t smoke) – I’ve never had a cigarette, I don’t know what a cigarette tastes like, I’ve never had a cold one. I don’t know what a beer tastes like, but who am I to tell somebody else that he can or can’t smoke? Who made me lord and master over another man?

Is his body his, is my body mine? If he wants to smoke and treat his body that way, I should respect it, it’s his body. If a man takes and builds a restaurant with his own money (his own risk), and he decides he’d like to allow smoking to be in that restaurant, who are we as a people to go that man who made the effort with his own money, his own effort, his own risk, to say, “You cannot have smoking in this building.”

If it’s freedom, [then] he should be free to do that, and all the people who like to smoke can go to that restaurant and get something to eat. For those of us who don’t like to smoke, we can go to a restaurant that doesn’t allow smoking, and we can enjoy that; and those who us who don’t really care one way or another, we can go to both restaurants. We can all be free, we can respect another man in his person and property. His body is his, my body is mine; his property is his, my property is mine.

If you don’t break my leg or pick my pocket, it’s not my business; that’s kinda what I think. I think that’s were we should to be as a people. Let free enterprise and freedom reign in this earth in this country, as it used to, and let us deal with the consequences of it. I smoke, I get cancer; well, that’s my problem. Just don’t ask me to pay for your problem of fixing your cancer and I won’t ask you to take care of my health problems when I have them. That’s my responsibility, it’s not yours, it’s not society’s; it’s individual responsibility.

There are individual bodies; they’re ours, they’re not the government’s. You don’t need somebody to tell me what we should or should not do with them, as long as we are not hurting another person, taking another person’s property, then, how about we just leave each other alone?

Just a thought for today. I’ll leave that with you. This is LaVoy Finicum, with One Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom.

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