Self-Reliance – November 1, 2014 [TRANSCRIPT]

The following is my transcription of the late LaVoy Finicum in his vlog entitled,“One Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom, Self-reliance:,” which was uploaded onto his YouTube channel on November 1st of 2014. Finicum was a participant in both the 2014 Bundy Affair as well as the Burns Chronicles, during which he met his untimely demise on January 26th of 2016. If you would like to assist me in providing rough transcripts for the rest of Finicum’s vlogs, please feel free to contact me.




Hello, everyone. This is LaVoy Finicum, at One Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom. I wanted to just talk briefly about independence and self-reliance to the degree that us, as individuals, are dependent upon any government agency (federal government, state government, or local government) for our food, our water, our shelter – to that degree, we’re not free. It would be a wise thing, I would suppose, to be able to have the means to provide your own food, shelter, and water for at least a year.

There’s a great comfort that comes when we’re prepared, when we know we’ve got enough for a rainy day; we’ve got enough food for our families (water, shelter). There’s a real piece of mind that comes with that, so I want to talk briefly about that. A lot of times we think, “Man, a year’s supply of food? That’s gonna cost a lot of money, and where would I put that much stuff? I don’t have the room, I don’t have the money.” Well, let me dispel just a little bit about the myths about the cost and the space for that.

Right here, I’m sitting on a year’s supply of food, right here; it’s not that much stuff. If you use these #10 cans right here, put’em in these boxes (six go in a box here), slide right under a bed, you can put a year’s supply of food for two people under a queen bed. You’ve got the room, you’ve got the space; it’s a matter of priority. Clean out what’s under your bed; put something of value under it.

For cost, let me just go over a little bit of the costs. I buy this stuff in bulk and it’s not that expensive. For example, I got:

  • 300 pounds of wheat here: it only costs me $75.
  • 100 pounds of rice: $40.
  • 100 pounds of beans: $60.
  • 100 pounds of rolled oats: $45.
  • 30 pounds of all-vegetable shortening: $25.
  • 50 pounds of sugar: $25.
  • 50 pounds of potato flakes: $50.

Comes out to $320 for a year’s supply of food. You can easily live upon what I just listed here for a year. Not a lot of variety, you’re gonna get tired of it, but you’re gonna keep body and soul together.

Everything here has, except for my liquid shortening here, is my shorter shelf life. I’ve used this up to 6 years when I keep in a cold, dry place. Cooks fine, bakes fine, fries fine, but keep it all vegetable, don’t put any lard in it (all-vegetable shortening). 30 pounds here, $25 at Costco. That’s my shorter shelf life – 6 years.

My next shorter shelf life is, I didn’t figure that in here, but that would be my powdered milk, and that’s a 20-year shelf life. The rest of this stuff I’m sitting on, a 30-year shelf life. For under $400, you’ve got a year’s supply of food; $320, for all the things I’ve listed here.

No reason why we shouldn’t have that. Get it, put it up, put it away, don’t worry about it. Great piece of mind.

Prepare for a rainy day. Prepare for when things might not as rosy as they are now. This Ebola thing everybody’s gottin’ a little worried about – I don’t think it’s really gonna blow too much out of proportion here. Could, but I don’t think it is, but something will. Sooner or later, something will, and will cause us great distress in this nation.

Take the time; be self-reliant – prepare. You can fight for freedom better when you’re prepared yourself. Well, just a few thoughts for today.

Hope you all have a good evening, and wishing you well. This is LaVoy Finicum, at One Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom. Thanks.

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