The Best of the Adam Kokesh “Parking Lot” Memes

Today’s meme collection is provided courtesy of the Adam Kokesh Dank Meme Stash, which has largely arisen due to the recent disclosures by Macey Tomlin. Kokesh’s ex-fiancé claimed that she was fraudulently induced to a sex contract (along the lines of something akin to Fifty Shades of Grey) as well as being treated badly on a regular basis by him for the better part of two years; another of her claims is that Kokesh told her that when she was sad and crying, it made her so unattractive that he’d rather masturbate in a parking lot. Please as patient regarding further details of Kokesh’s latest scandal (which he has had plenty of in the past), as there is more information still left to be vetted, given that there is a possible connection between Tomlin’s disclosures and the legal issues revolving around the so-called “Freedom Ranch” in Yavapai County, Arizona; please be aware that some individuals might consider a few of the memes to be NSFW.


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