Extraconstitutional #7: Do You Have the Right to Travel?

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“A typical ‘traffic stop’ involves a man dressed up like a ‘cop’ committing numerous crimes against his victim. I mean crimes in the lay or laymen’s sense of the words, not in the so-called ‘legal’ sense. These are not considered to be crimes because, in ‘Legal Land,’ it’s not false imprisonment, it’s called an ‘investigative detention’ or some equally inane political label. Nothing has changed except the label or opinion that’s been added to it. The political or statist ‘Legal Land’ words cover up the real issue and distort reality. That reality is someone is taking my property through physical violence, threats, and organized coercion.”

Marc Stevens



Introduction: Overview of the Extraconstitutional Series

Constitutionality is that which is authorized by a constitution. Whatever is unconstitutional breaks or violates the letter of the law. When the government operates under color of law, they violate the spirit of the law; this is known as being extraconstitutional. Regarding constitutional interpretation, it is most accurate and simplest to go with an originalist view, and original intent, in particular. Continue reading

Of Personal Liberty

“The lawyers have made such a complicated mess out of the word-game they call legal reasoning that any effort to dissect even a tiny part of that reasoning and show it up for the fake that it is, inevitably makes tough going. In a sense, that fact has been the intellectual Maginot Line of The Law. Plenty of people have long suspected that the lawyers with their long words were indulging in nothing more nor less than wholesale flimflam, but when it comes down to trying to take that flimflam, with all its myriad trappings, apart, people just can’t be bothered. And even a personally conducted tour through the mirror mazes of legal logic becomes tiring and confusing.”

Fred Rodell



Often amongst constitutionalists, there is a hope that their freedom can be secured through legal interstices. This is largely due to their concern that if a legalistic solution can’t be found or is otherwise impossible, then they must resort to the ammo box. While understandable, this is fallacious simply because most of them don’t appreciate the variety of direct action methods available they can use to resist the State. Continue reading

Fifty Things to Do NOW (Mirror)

Today’s list, courtesy of Anarplex, are potential candidates to add to the next edition of The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action. For more background information, feel free to take a look at “An Agorist Manifesto in 95 Theses,” “The New Libertarian Manifesto,” and “An Agorist Primer.”



  1. Become a part-time entrepreneur, garage-market-dealer, urban farmer, welder, whatever. Just be productive under your own command. It doesn’t matter what it is; just be directly productive, and directly deal with suppliers and clients. You’ll find it awesomely liberating and it will be highly useful for the free underground market.
  2. Switch off the TV. Read books!
  3. Socialize with people that share your ethics and that are productive and respectful. Eat together, discuss, challenge each other, help each other, have a good time.
  4. Get a safe or safe deposit box. Start moving all the cash you can get in there, convert at least 30% of your cash to silver and/or gold coins.
  5. Invest in trust. Do minor deals for people on a trust basis. Taking others at their word, and let yourself be challenged by yours.
  6. Start looking for matches. When you talk with people, memorize what they do, and if an opportunity comes up, connect them with someone else for a minor finders fee (a burger, a few beers, whatever).
  7. Join your local LIMA house (We’ll explain this in a future post.)
  8. Travel, but don’t go sight-seeing – spend your time getting to know the people there. Think about business opportunities with them.
  9. Start using aliases and pseudonyms. Get comfortable using them in real-life situations.
  10. Learn to use cryptography.
  11. Learn ethics and law (not the government law!).
  12. Study logic, especially the fallacies.
  13. Put more cash aside. Use your part-time job as the source of saved cash.
  14. Start to invest cash with people you know, in off the books projects. Start making micro-loans to people or buy shares in their operations.
  15. Learn basic double-entry book-keeping. Don’t waste effort on the account-numbers they teach you – under the concept and use it.
  16. Learn to write in code. We all have to use recording, bookkeeping, contact books, transaction notes etc. These should be hard to decipher for someone taking a quick glimpse, and even hard for someone taking time to analyze them. Use tricks like date-shifting, shorthand, making up your own terms, etc. Or, if you want to spend a little more effort, learn to use memorized ciphers, such as memorizing some longer text, then apply it as a simple shifting-key to what you write, with the page number or marker as a keypart.
  17. Tell other producers, entrepreneurs, traders etc that you appreciate what they do.
  18. Buy primarily from others like you, stay away from the on-the-books market as much as you can.
  19. When in conflict, ask someone to mediate. Solve conflicts yourself wherever you can. Use a mutually respected and trusted third party when necessary. Stay away from state ‘justice’ whenever you can.
  20. Start respecting secrets. Secrets are good most of the time; transparency is bad most of the time. Detox yourself from the ‘everything should be in the open’ propaganda.
  21. Slowly make your part-time, off-the-books business, your main line of income. Things like underground dental hygiene are very cool.
  22. Learn that ‘off-the-books’ means that you really have to excel in what you do. You have to provide quality.
  23. Don’t invest in single deals; invest in relationships with the market.
  24. Get over it; Voting doesn’t help at all.
  25. Work with friends to create buying associations and selling associations. This will give you and others lots of money to save and lots of money to hide.
  26. Harbor a fugitive (Good ones, obviously).
  27. Help someone cross a border without documents.
  28. Offer small merchants silver or gold rather than fiat currency.
  29. Sell your products in silver or gold.
  30. Accept and use digital gold, such as Pecunix or C-gold.
  31. Start a community currency in your town.
  32. Use digital cash, such as eCache.
  33. Use Loom, Truebanc.
  34. Get serious about protecting your Internet traffic.
  35. Get comfortable working your will in the world.
  36. Learn how to work your will beneficially. This is not about being ‘right,’ it is about causing benefit.
  37. Fix your mistakes (you will make them). Learn not to repeat them.
  38. Learn how to communicate effectively. Again, this is not about proving that you are right – this is about getting true ideas into other minds effectively.
  39. Stop obeying the State in some new way. Tell your friends about your success doing so.
  40. Get comfortable with the term ‘Economic Civil Disobedience.’
  41. Spread the idea that the State is not magic – it is nothing more than a collection of your neighbors – no more ethical and noble than the lamer next door.
  42. Learn how to find the false assumptions in arguments. Most public lies sound okay if you don’t find their unspoken assumptions. If they pass too quickly, find their written version and search for the lie it contains.
  43. Learn how to disagree with kindness.
  44. Accept the fact that most people are confused are just barely hanging on to their last shreds of self-esteem. Understand that State intellectuals like this condition, as it makes people easier to keep in line – a little shame goes a long way.
  45. Don’t waste your energy on the political crisis de jour. Busy your mind with more substantial things. Daily political dramas are a time-sink, and the statists like it. Stop following their script.
  46. Use jurisdictional arbitrage to deprive the State of your money. Work with friends if the setup costs are too large for you.
  47. Learn to defend yourself, your family, your neighbors and your town. No State means no military. Until you take this upon yourself, your plans will always have a gaping hole in their middle. There is no free lunch here either. Get weapons and be mentally prepared to use them. Decide in advance how and when you would use them – do not leave it to the emotion of the moment – that will make a shipwreck of the whole venture. Learn how to use them safely.
  48. Do something nice for your neighbor. The people who live near you are a far more important part of your environment than any other.
  49. Help people who suffer undeservedly. No State means you are responsible for charity. Sure, it will be much easier when the State isn’t stealing all your extra money (or chasing you in hope of theft), but do what you can now and get used to the process.
  50. Watch over your friends. Notice when they are having a bad day, show some kindness and concern. If they are overloaded, carry some of their burden. We all have bad times, and your bad day may come too. Help one another. Restore one another.

– F&U

The Privatization of Roads and Highways

“The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.”

F.A. Hayek



My earlier legal analysis into vehicle registration within Texas revealed that only the several state governments, individuals, and (sometimes) municipalities may own the soil underneath the roads, and that, at most, the federal government enjoys only a right to the easement. Yet, that doesn’t automatically mean the non-federal public roads are noticeably better by any means on the grounds of decentralized government power alone. Legally speaking, why are private roads even relevant to the exercise of the individual right to travel? Continue reading

Freedom Cells for Right to Travel and Due Process Activists – June 25, 2016 [TRANSCRIPT]

The following is my transcription of John Bush from his vlog entitled, “Freedom Cells for Right to Travel and Due Process Activists,” which was uploaded onto the Brave New Books YouTube channel on June 25th of 2016. Bush was the executive director of Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) before he become an agorist, as shown by his speech during the Houston End the Fed rally in November of 2011.


John Bush


Hey there! John Bush here from Brave New Books (http://www.bravenewbookstore.com), and I want to talk a little bit about freedom cells.

Freedom cells are decentralized small groups where group members have the goal of securing their sovereignty, individually and collectively, engaging in mutual aid in order to do so; also, creating alternative institutions to make it easier for people to not comply with that which they find unethical. I want to talk about how this concept can apply to right to travel activists, to due process activists, to anyone that is asserting their sovereignty in the realm of travel (not getting a driver’s license, not registering their car, not getting inspected; so on and so forth). Continue reading

The Freedom to Travel – May 22, 2008 [TRANSCRIPT]

The following is my transcription of David Krouse’s court case in a video entitled, “The Freedom to Travel,” which was uploaded onto the Free Keene YouTube channel on May 22nd of 2008. During the short trial, Krouse admitted that he was committing an act of civil disobedience while on the stand, and judge Burke convicted him for expired vehicle registration and sentenced him a fine of $83.33, but then suspended the sentence for the next 90 days provided that Krouse maintains good behavior, which means no felonies, misdemeanors, and no major motor vehicle violations. This particular transcription will be presented in the form of a dialogue, given that there were multiple speakers commenting on Krouse’s case.


David Krouse


David Krouse, FreeKeene.com Blogger: Back in November, I was pulled over for not registering my vehicle. I want to challenge it, and the purpose of challenging it is – the government has a tendency to nickel and dime people [in order] to raise revenue in various different ways, and registration is just one of them. The only way to really stop them is to make it difficult for them to enforce their own regulations. That’s basically what I’m attempting to do. Increase their costs of enforcement. I don’t plan on paying any fines. I don’t plan to pay any court costs. Continue reading

An Overview of “Judge” Bruce Doucette

12/16/16 UPDATE: Due to popular demand, the footage for when Bruce Doucette called into the October 8th Fort Garland Community Center (12 min 58 sec – 18 min 4 sec) and the audio for when Doucette, during the “Meet the Judge” event on October 16th, who was telling off-grid homesteader Penny Freemen to have a private conversation with him off to the side (55 sec – 6 min 14 sec) are now timestamped, and are otherwise still available as part of Alex Ansary’s Costilla County playlist.

“I will never trust certain people to vet certain people ever from this point on. It is irresponsible to assume other people will just do the vetting for us and vet certain members, and make sure that they are who they say they are; well, that wasn’t done. No group or community can be fully safe if people are so naïve that they don’t even bother to question, or look up, the supposed people that are coming to the rescue.”

Alex Ansary


Bruce Doucette


On May 23rd of 2015, Bruce Doucette signed his Oath for Constitutional Superior Court Judge, which says in part that he has jurisdiction throughout the entire planet. Doucette is a member of “The Continental uNited States of America” (CuSA) and is otherwise affiliated with the Four Corners Doctrine blog and the “We the People in Colorado” conference calls. Continue reading

Net Assets!

“Some part of our being knows this is where we came from. We long to return. And we can. Because the cosmos is also within us. We’re made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”

Carl Sagan


Private spaceflight is an emerging industry whose goal is to demonopolize the federal government’s iron grip on space exploration. Whether it be SpaceX’s reusable launch system or the ambitious Mars One colonization effort, the fact of the matter is that administrative agencies like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) no longer enjoy a monopoly on space technology. Given this reality, the future looks rather bright indeed, especially considering developments like the White-Juday warp-field interferometer in trying to prove the efficacy of the Alcubierre drive.

Much like Alongside Night or Patriots, Carl Bussjaeger’s novel depicts how a Second American Revolution could unfold; in this case, via privatized space tourism. The ensemble cast of characters include voluntaryist engineer Hank Hanners, constitutionalist entrepreneur Bill Neville, and the “mad bomber” Cal Schmidt, among a plethora of other minor characters who nicely round out this story chronicling the liberation of Texas from this overrated federal Union. Continue reading

Quote of the Week: “To Collapse Support for a Questionable Strategy”


“Kyle wants to achieve a free society. The divisive question, as usual, is strategy…Kyle has expressed before that he doubts it’s [peaceful parenting’s] efficacy as a strategy, and I agree with him. I think as a strategy it’s a highly theoretical approach, with not a lot of empiricism backing it up. I think a lot of the support for the State comes not out of blind obedience to authority, but misguided compassion. Now if Kyle wants a free society, but some people in the [libertarian] community advocate as a main, central strategy something that he considers a questionable approach, or even a counterproductive one, it is understandable that he rise his voice up against it – because it’s an impediment to our shared goal of freedom…as such, I think Kyle chose to question the moral arguments not because he is pro-spanking but to collapse support for a questionable strategy that, if used as the only or main one, will not get us to where we want to be.”

Phillip Frey

The School Sucks Project Fascistbook “group”