November Update – November 13, 2015 [TRANSCRIPT]

The following is my transcription of the late LaVoy Finicum in his vlog entitled,“November Update,” which was uploaded onto his YouTube channel on November 13th of 2015. Finicum was a participant in both the 2014 Bundy Affair as well as the Burns Chronicles, during which he met his untimely demise on January 26th of 2016. If you would like to assist me in providing rough transcripts for the rest of Finicum’s vlogs, please feel free to contact me.



Hello, everyone. This is LaVoy Finicum, One Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom. It’s time I gave you an update of what’s going on.

It’s been awhile since I’ve made another video, and I promised ya I kinda keep ya posted. Well, I’ve gotten several more letters from the BLM. My fines have gone from $1,400 to now almost they’ve tacked on another $5,000. They say, “Mr. Finicum, you need to get your tail off of here and get your cows off.”

As you know, I’m not takin’ my cows off, I’m not gettin’ my tail off my ranch here. I want you to know what’s going on here. I’m here at my cow camp, my winter cow camp, here at my trails, and I want to show ya what I find here. This is the road here by my place, and this could just be a coincidence, but dang, I just don’t like coincidences anymore at this point in my life.

Here it is, take a look at this. Just saw the BLM guys parked here, and I stopped to see what’s goin’ on, and this is what’s goin’ on. I wanted to talk with him, he sez he wasn’t interested in talking with me and went on down the road; maybe he’ll come swinging back by, but maybe he’ll take the other way out. This is what he’s got goin’ on here.

Now, listen, I’m not going to damage anything, I’m not gonna hurt anything, so I’m gonna leave this just as good as I found it. I don’t want anybody else coming around damaging and hurtin’ things – this is their property. Much as I disagree with them, I don’t believe in damaging property.

Alright, here it is. Just so happened to have this by my camp (my corrals). Open it up here; looks pretty nice, sophisticated piece of equipment. I’m not a techie it at all, but Advanced Counting System – it can take cars, people walk with backpacks, bicycles, someone on a four-wheeler, and take care of bucks, too (don’t know if it’ll take care of does, but it’ll take care of bucks), and it will take care of someone running up and down the road on a snowmobile.

Man, this could just be a coincidence, but man, I sure hate you putting this here by my camp. Why won’t you talk with me? Why don’t you explain what you got goin’ here, and why you put it right here?

Just drive off; that’s okay – I was being friendly, I wasn’t being ignorant or disrespectful. I don’t believe in being that way. I can disagree with somebody – I don’t need to call’em names, and I don’t need to be disrespectful. I don’t believe in that, and I don’t believe in destroying things; so, there it is, back to the way I found it.

Well, this fight I’m makin’, America, it’s not about cows and it’s not about grass; it is about the freedom of our land. This grazing right is my personal property right, I own it. Once they get me off here (if they get me off here), and they take these grazing rights from me; hunters, you’ll be next.

They’ve already taken the mineral rights off this very land, off this very ranch. They’ve already seized it and taken it, with a stroke of a pen. It’s theirs; can’t touch it.

If you think that they want you to have a gun, let alone hunt, you’re mistaken where this government’s goin’. They don’t appreciate you comin’ out here and huntin’ and campin’ without their permission. That’s not where things are goin’.

Right up the road here, they just stuck up another little blue sign. They say, “Okay, Telly Point is closed; we’re closin’ it off (certain times of year); it’s closed off.” Now you go up the Kaibab, they’re closin’ off the roads there. You think you’re gonna keep getting’ access out here to hunt and camp; you’re not. They’re gonna keep squeezin’ it and closin’ it.

They just made the Parashant Monument (and I’m on half of the Parashant Monument), now they’re tryin’ to make the Grand Canyon monument – what’s that all about? They say, “Oh, we’re not changin’ anything.” Well, then, why make a monument? Why change it if you’re not changin’ anything?

I don’t believe ‘em, and I don’t trust ‘em. So, where’s it goin’? We’ve already had, and been contacted by, my state representatives down in Phoenix; went it and visited them at their request and invitation. I’ve talked with other county commissioners down in central part of our state and lemme tell you what I was told.

They sez that our county sheriffs are already having nose-to-nose confrontations with the federal Fish & Game officers. What the heck are we having federal Fish & Game officers running around here for? Fish and game (hunting) is regulated by the state; that is the proper way it should be done.

Now, we’ve got federal Fish & Game officers running around here. You know what that state representative told me that that confrontation was? Those Fish & Game officers were shuttin’ down the roads, lockin’ ‘em off – puttin’ locks and padlocks on ‘em. Those sheriffs are goin’ up and cuttin’ ‘em off, and they had nose-to-nose confrontations.

Need to wake up; you need to see what’s comin’. I’m not happy with this. This is beautiful land, it’s a place for freedom; freedom is worth fighting for. This land is worth fighting for.

Our Founding Fathers never envisioned a central power holding so much control over 1/3rd of the land mass. Over 80% of this county here is controlled by the BLM with complete legislative/executive powers whatsoever. Well, it’s not – I’m sayin’, “Nope, I’m gonna not bow down anymore.” This is Arizona, this is Mohave County.

Here I am, I’m not leavin’. I want to put out to all the hundreds of people who have contacted me through the last little while. Just hundreds, and you’ve been gracious, you’ve been kind, and I appreciate it.

You’ve been sayin’, “Mr. Finicum, what can I do to help? I’ll come, if you need some help.” What I’m sayin’ is that you can contact me through a, I think I got a Gmail (, or You can contact me there.

I have a couple of security specialists, teams here, they’re just helpin’ to keep safe with their teams. They’re able to help organize and want to come out and take a look at the ranch (it’s beautiful out here), want to stop at my house; my wife is a good cook. I got an extra bed; stop and say hi. Love to have you there. This is America, we’re neighbors, we’re friends. I want to extend that invitation to you.

One other thing I want to say, but it kinda slipped my mind. I’m just a normal old guy out here; oh, I know what it was! Need to listen what’s happenin’, federal government, BLM. I’m not the only one standing; I’ve got now half a dozen ranchers who say they’ll come and stand with me, stand behind me, stand beside me. Guess what? You know what Bundy did, and who stands and who doesn’t stand with him.

There’s a rancher up in Utah, and he’s got more ranchers and stuff standin’ by him than me and Bundy combined! This guy’s a tough character, and he’s makin’ things happen. So, BLM, this stuff is not goin’ away.

Guess what? We now got a rancher in Texas standin’ up, defying you, and you got a governor in Texas standin’ behind him. We’re not just a bunch of wannabe anarchists and sayin’ we don’t believe in government (want to take down government). Contrary, I believe in government, I believe in the federal government, we need the federal government, but in their proper place. They need to be controlled by the confines of the law.

Right now, they are the anarchists, running beyond all their banks, but we need them; we need them to protect our borders, to keep commerce regular, and to keep our country safe. Just a few other things, very identified in the Constitution, but they have usurped power and authority everywhere. This is just one place I can stand; now, there’s ranchers standing in Utah, ranchers in Nevada, ranchers in Texas that they’re startin’ to stand up and say, “No, we will not comply.”

Mr. Obama, President Obama, what are you gonna do about it?

Mr. Neil Kornze, head of the Department of the Interior – I know this stuff is comin’ and hittin’ your desk, ‘cause those little letters I write to you out there; man, they come back with an FBI agent holding it in hand. So, I know you’re listening.

Miss Loretta Lynch, Attorney General, you gonna leave us Americans alone? Or are you gonna step on us some more? You’re steppin’ on Americans already. What you did to that Hammond family up in Bend, Oregon; you sent ‘em to jail, and then they served their time, they got out of jail, and you charge them as terrorists, ‘cause they’re doin’ a controlled burn, burn a hundred acres of what you call “your” lands of brush.

Seven years ago, the land is now more fruitful, more feed on it now because of what they did, you convicted them on a terrorism charge, they served their time (one three months, another one a year), and you come back, sayin’, “That’s not enough, we need more flesh from this good family.” That’s what you did. You re-litigated their sentences, now they got five more years (approximately) that they gotta serve. That’s a good family, America; these are good people that are bein’ hurt and destroyed.

That rancher in New Mexico they took out, the ranchers is all other parts of the country that they have taken out, that they’re puttin’ pressure on. I know that they’re puttin’ pressure on one of my neighbors right now over here on the Kaibab. These are families, these is our livelihoods, this is our grazing rights.

This is our heritage, and you wanna trample on it? Well, give it a try. I’m right here, I’m not goin’ anywhere.

America, I love you. I love you Americans who love freedom. I’ll stand here with you or wherever any other American will stand for freedom. Freedom is worth living for, freedom is worth dying for.

Anyway, this is LaVoy; One Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom. Have a good day.

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