“GO! Gun It!” – The Shawna Cox Footage from January 26, 2016 [TRANSCRIPT]

The following is my transcription of the late LaVoy Finicum’s last moments on January 26th of 2016. As mentioned in earlier installments of the Burns Chronicles, it is reasonable to conclude that had it not been for Finicum’s actions, it would’ve likely been the case that Ryan Bundy, Victoria Sharpe, and Shawna Cox would’ve all been killed just like him. What you are about to read is based upon Cox’s footage that was shot from inside Finicum’s truck that fateful day; any errors in transcription are solely the fault of this humble blogger.





LaVoy Finicum: Shoot me, you shoot me! I’m gonna meet the sheriff, the sheriff is waitin’ for us! So, you do as you damn well please, but I’m not goin’ anywhere! Here I am, right there! Right there, put a bullet through it! You understood? I’m gonna go meet the sheriff. You back down, or you kill me now! Go ahead, put the bullet through me! I don’t care!

Shawna Cox: Where’s Ryan [Payne]?

Finicum: I’m gonna go meet the sheriff, you do as you damn well please.

Cox: What for?

Finicum: Well, I’m gonna ask them if they want to go out.

Cox: What for? Why are we gettin’ out?

Finicum: You want out?

Cox: What for? Why are we gettin’ out?

Ryan Bundy: Who are you?

Finicum: Yeah, who are you?

Bundy: Who are you?


Cox: Oregon State Police.

Finicum: Okay, I’m goin’ over to meet the sheriff in Grant County! You can come along with us! And you can talk with us over there! You can go ahead and shoot me! Put the laser right there, put the bullet through the head! Okay, boys? This is gonna get real. You want my blood on your hands? Get it done, because we got people to see and places to go.

Bundy: You need to back off!

Finicum: You need to back off!

Cox: Where the heck is Ammon?

Bundy: We shouldn’t ever stopped.

Cox: Did Ammon…?

Finicum: You’re wasting oxygen, son.

Victoria Sharpe: Did they have Ryan [Payne]? Did they arrest him?

Cox: Shhh.

Bundy: He shouldn’t have got out.

Cox: He shouldn’t have got out.

Finicum: I’m not turning over. I’m going into that county; I’m going into Grant County to see the sheriff.

Cox: Well, if we duck, and you drive, what are they gonna do? Try and knock us out? How much further do we gotta go?

Finicum: (to Cox) We got about 50 odd miles.

Cox: (to Finicum) Tell him to approach the vehicle. Ryan [Payne]’s talkin’ to him, right?

Bundy: Is he talkin’ to him?

Finicum: (to Bundy) I can’t tell.

Cox: I can’t even see him, except the guy behind the door that’s got his gun on us. Say we got kids in here.

Bundy: Okay, who can we call?

Finicum: (to Bundy) Start calling.

Sharpe: I don’t have [cellular] service.

Bundy: (to Sharpe) No, but I should – (to Finicum) Hey, turn that [radio] down.

Finicum: (to Bundy) Okay.

Cox: Where’s my phone?

Finicum: Hey, boys! You better realize that we got people on the way. You wanna bloodbath? It’s gonna be on your hands! We’re gonna go see the sheriff.

Cox: (to Bundy) Call Joseph Rice.

Bundy: (muttering) Do I have his number?

Finicum: Better understand how the thing’s gonna end!

Cox: (to Bundy) I have it.

Bundy: (to Cox) What’s the number?

Cox: (to Bundy) I trying to find it; hold on.

Finicum: Want to have me laying down here on the ground with my blood on the street?!

Bundy: (to Cox) I don’t have [cellular] service. There’s no service.

Finicum: Or am I gonna see the sheriff?

Cox: (to Bundy) Wait, there’s no service? Yes, we do.

Finicum: We got people en route.

Cox: (to Shape) Hold this – hold this camera.

Finicum: You’re wasting oxygen.

Cox: (to Sharpe) Listen, okay? I can’t take pictures – keep an eye on him. Keep an eye on LaVoy.

Sharpe: (to Cox) Can you take pictures and still have it recording?

Cox: (to Sharpe) Oh, it’s going – it’s recording.

Sharpe: (to Cox) Okay, cool.

Bundy: (to Cox) Okay, what’s his number?

Cox: (to Bundy) I’m looking, just a minute.

Finicum: You need to back down.

Cox: We don’t have any [cellular] service. We have no service here.

Finicum: (to Cox) Start callin’ people. They’ll get it that there’s no service here.

Cox: (to Finicum) There’s no service here at all.

Bundy: We should never have stopped. We should never have stopped.

Finicum: I’m gonna keep goin’.

Cox: (to Finicum) Then we’re gonna have to duck – (to Sharpe) Get underneath Ryan. – (to Finicum) If we take off, are they gonna get ready to shoot your tires out?

Finicum: (to Cox) Probably.

Sharpe: (to Finicum) Why did they pull you over?

Cox: (to Finicum) There’s no service here.

Bundy: (to Sharpe) Just because…

Finicum: (to Cox) Okay, you ready?

Bundy: (to Finicum) Well, where’s the guns?

Finicum: (to Bundy) They got him stopped; he can’t get around it – (to Cox) I’m gonna go. Are you guys ready?

Bundy: (to Sharpe) Okay, get down.

Cox: (to Bundy) Then you duck down – (to Sharpe) Give me that camera. Okay, gimme that camera – (to Finicum) GO!


LaVoy Finicum accelerates his truck, rolls up the windows, and locks the doors.


Cox: Gun it!

Sharpe: Are they shooting?

Cox: (to Finicum) Gun it! Keep goin’!

Bundy: What about Ammon and those guys [in the Jeep]?

Finicum: (to Bundy) We can’t get around ‘em. I’m gonna go get help.

Bundy: Okay.

Sharpe: I need a phone so I can call as soon as I get service.

Cox: (to Sharpe) Keep watchin’ the phone in case we get service.

Sharpe: I don’t have my phone.

Cox: I can’t even get Joe Rice.

Bundy: (to Finicum) They’re comin’ up fast.

Cox: Yeah, they are.

Bundy: Okay, I don’t know about numbers…

Cox: I’ve got numbers, but I can’t call because we have no service.

Bundy: Okay…

Cox: “Mobile network not available.”

Sharpe: (to Bundy) Do you have numbers for people here in town?

Bundy: Yeah, but…

Finicum: HANG ON!

Cox: They’re shootin’!

Finicum: HANG ON!


Just then, LaVoy Finicum plows his truck into a snowbank, and just as quickly, he steps out of his truck with his hands above his head and walks towards the rear of the truck right past Ryan Bundy, who was sitting right behind him.


Cox: Okay, we’re here…



Two shots fired. The glass window next to Ryan Bundy’s head is badly cracked.


Voice: Get him on the ground!


Cox: Stay down, stay down, stay down.

Finicum: GO AHEAD AND SHOOT ME! You’re gonna have to shoot me!


Three shots fired.


Cox: Dammit, are they shootin’ at him? Did they shoot him? You assholes!

Sharpe: OH MY GOD!!!

Cox: Stay down.

Bundy: I can’t get out.

Sharpe: Is he dead?

Cox: Don’t get out.

Sharpe: [unintelligible hysterical screaming]

Cox: Stop it.

Sharpe: [unintelligible hysterical screaming]

Bundy: (to Sharpe) Are you hit?

Sharpe: [unintelligible hysterical screaming]


Ryan Bundy opens his door.


Cox: (to Bundy) No; hold on, hold on…


Ryan Bundy’s door is now open, but a shot is fired and explodes near the driver’s seat.


Cox: (to Bundy) No! Don’t do anything.


Ryan Bundy slams his door shut, with the rest of the shattered window glass scattering all over himself and the ground.


Cox: Where the hell is LaVoy? Is he on…?


Four shots fired.


Bundy: (to Cox) I can’t see…


Cox: (to Sharpe) Shut up. Stay down.

Sharpe: Oh, God! Just take me home!

Cox: (to Sharpe) Stay down.


Another shot is fired and explodes near the driver’s seat.


Cox: Oh, shit!

Bundy: (to Cox) I think they just killed LaVoy.

Sharpe: Did they kill him?

Cox: I think they did, and now they’re shootin’ over here on this door.

Bundy: Ah, I got hit, too.

Sharpe: Where did you get hit?

Cox: Hold still, hold still.

Sharpe: Ryan, where did you get hit?

Bundy: I’m not bleedin’.

Cox: Okay, don’t shoot us.

Sharpe: Where did you get hit, Ryan?

Bundy: I’m okay; it’s on the shoulder. It’s okay.


Yet another shot is fired, this time on Shawna Cox’s door.


Cox: Keep down! Oh, shit! I don’t wanna get out of the car. How are we supposed to get out of the car?

Sharpe: (to Cox) Did they tell us to get out of the car?

Cox: (to Sharpe) No, I can’t hear anything. I don’t dare get out of the car.


One shot is fired, bounces off Shawna Cox’s side of the truck.


Cox: Oh, shit! Quit shootin’ the windows!

Sharpe: (to Cox) Where are they shooting us?

Cox: (to Sharpe) They’re hittin’ the windows, I dunno; they’re tryin’ to break our window.

Sharpe: God, God, keep us safe, please.

Cox: Please, please protect us, God.

Sharpe: Please, God, God.

Cox: Please protect us, please protect us, please protect us. We need help. We need help. We need help.

Sharpe: Did they kill him?

Cox: I can see a laser comin’ in.

Sharpe: Oh, my God; they killed him.

Cox: Okay; so, where’s the rest of everyone?

Sharpe: (to Bundy) Are you okay?

Bundy: (to Sharpe) Yeah, I’m okay.

Cox: I can see lasers going by.

Sharpe: (to Bundy) Where did you get hit?

Bundy: (to Sharpe) I’m okay.

Cox: He’s got lasers. You’ve gotta duck! I see the laser. If you see a laser, keep it away from you. It’s on your knee!

Sharpe: It’s on my knee!

Cox: STOP! I don’t dare get out, ‘cause they’ll shoot me.

Bundy: (to Cox) I know. I don’t like hunkering down here, either.

Cox: (to Bundy) Me neither, but I don’t know what to do, ‘cause they keep shootin’ lasers at us.

Bundy: (to Cox) I dunno; we got too stinkin’ lax, thinkin’ things are just all dandy and fine. Got too damn lax.

Cox: (to Bundy) Yeah.


A window is suddenly shot out; glass shatters everywhere.

Cox: Damn! Why do they keep shootin’?

Bundy: (to Cox) They’re tryin’ to take my head off. I was tryin’ to turn my head…

Cox: (to Bundy) Yeah, but all of us? – (to the police) STOP! STOP!

Sharpe: PLEASE!



Six shots fired.


Sharpe: Oh!

Cox: That’s ridiculous. You guys are stupid. Are they gonna kill all of us?

Sharpe: God, keep us safe.

Cox: Father, please…

Bundy: (to Cox) Those are gas rounds.

Cox: (to Sharpe) Here, cover up your nose, quick. – (to Bundy) Do we get out?

Bundy: (to Cox) No, don’t get out.

Cox: I can’t breathe…

Sharpe: God, please keep us safe.

Bundy: (on the phone) They’re shootin’ at us!

Cox: (to Bundy) They got lasers, dammit!

Bundy: (on the phone) They got lasers still on us. When LaVoy got out, I think they killed LaVoy. They just shot gas rounds into the car. We’re hunkered down in here tryin’ not…


Just then, five shots are fired; more shattered glass is scattered around.


Bundy: (on the phone) …not to get shot. They’re shooting more gas rounds in. The gas is gettin’ pretty thick in here. Anyway…

Sharpe: Could we put a white flag out?

Cox: Yeah, I would put a flag out, let’s put a flag out.

Sharpe: Do we have a white flag?

Bundy: (on the phone) Not sure what they got. The gas is dissipating…

Cox: They’re trying to break this window.

Sharpe: Does anybody have anything white?

Cox: (to Sharpe) I can get a shirt off. There’s a laser!

Bundy: (on the phone) …we were on our way to speak to people. Then they ambushed us on the way to John Day, and now they are shootin’ into our vehicle, and we’re hunkered down. We do not have phone service at this location.

Sharpe: I SURRENDER! Can we surrender?

Voice: Come out! Come out of the left side door!

Cox: Okay, let’s get out. Ryan, I don’t know if you can get out. You get out first. You go first.


Ryan Bundy steps out of the truck with his hands above his head.


Bundy: LaVoy’s dead.

Cox: Shit. (to Sharpe) Okay, go.

Sharpe: He’s dead.

Voice: Ma’am, come out of the car with your hands up!

Cox: Okay, I still got my camera on. Are you ready?


Victoria Sharpe steps out of the truck, hands raised, with laser dots dancing all over her body.

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