Camp Finicum! – February 7, 2016 [TRANSCRIPT]

The following is my transcription of former political prisoner David Lee Fry in his video entitled, “Camp Finicum!,” which was uploaded onto his YouTube Channel on February 7, 2016. As one of the Final Four left at the Malheur Refuge, Fry shows both the importance of LaVoy Finicum to the other protesters as well as some evidence he discovered. For more background on what happened in Oregon last year, please read the Burns Chronicles.



Alright, so this is what we named our little encampment here, it’s called “Camp Finicum,” in memory of LaVoy Finicum. Interesting thing about this is that one day after we put this up here, we found this [book] down by the place down there. Jeff [Banta]’s been wanting a Bible and he just picked one up, and it happens to be LaVoy Finicum’s Bible!

Here’s something…it’s pretty interesting, you know, just as we put this camp name up, we find this [Bible], so it’s quite a miracle to us. I think the family should be able to come and get this Bible and keep it. I think it should belong with them. So, we [the Final Four] are just gonna hold onto it for now, I guess, until whenever people can get their things, but this is quite the find…“Children of God” – LaVoy was definitely one of those.

That’s just something we wanted to share with you all. Until next video. Later.

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