Quote of the Week: “I’m Still Angry”


“He [Aaron Swartz] was part of me, and I just wanted it [Swartz’s indictments] to not be real, and then I just looked at his Wikipedia page and saw the end date – 2013 [the year that Swartz committed suicide]…I was very unused to being in a room with large men, well-armed, that are continually telling me I’m lying, and that I must have done something. I told them that this thing they were prosecuting wasn’t a crime. I told them that they were on the wrong side of history – I used that phrase, I said that ‘You’re on the wrong side of history,’ and they looked bored. They didn’t even look angry, they were just bored. It began to occur to me that we weren’t having the same conversation…The things I have done shouldn’t have added up that way. I hadn’t done anything wrong, and everything had gone wrong, but I was never – I’m still angry. I’m still angry that you can try your best with these people to do the right thing, and they will turn everything against you, and they will hurt you with anything they can. In that moment, I regret that I said what I did, but my much larger regret is that we have settled for this, that we are okay with this, that we are okay with a justice system that tries to game people into little traps so they can ruin their lives. So, yeah, I wish I hadn’t said that, but I am much, much, angrier that this is where I am, that this is what we as a people think is okay.”

Quinn Norton

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

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