Rest Easy, Robert Beecher: 1954 – 2017

“Are you willing to make the sacrifices necessary to assure our freedoms? Would you stand next to a fellow American to assure his freedom and rights? Would you come to the defense of a man and his family under attack by unjust laws and actions of this government out of control and save their lives? Will you support your brethren and yourself in preparing for this final assault? Can you put all that you have at stake for something you truly believe in? Can you tell yourself that you have finally had enough of this shit and that you are ready to do something about it?”

– Mike Freebyrd, from The Essence of a Patriot


The late Robert Beecher.


Remember Robert Beecher? He was an American patriot who was charged by the federal government for allegedly violating 18 USC § 922(g) for the victimless crime of “felon in possession of firearm,” which was originally intended to target only mobsters during alcohol Prohibition. Beecher eventually took a plea agreement in order to spare his daughter, Jessica Beecher, from prosecution herself; his 10-year sentence began in 2015, and so he was expected to be released sometime in 2025.

As a 60-year-old political prisoner, Robert Beecher was a grandfather who was not exactly in the best of health. In fact, Jessica wrote the following for the activist legal defense fund that was created on May 23rd of 2014:


“He sits in Bulloch County Jail, being denied medical care, and waiting for his day in court…[w]e really believe that he is being singled out for his vocal political beliefs, and worry that if he does not secure a solid legal defense, that he will die in prison.” [emphasis added]


Furthermore, the March 12th, 2015 judgment in a criminal case said, in part:


“That the defendant be designated to a Bureau of Prisons facility in Jesup, Georgia; subject to capacity or any regulation which would affect such a designation. It is recommended that the defendant be evaluated by Bureau of Prisons officials to establish his participation in an appropriate program of substance abuse treatment and counseling during his term of incarceration.” [emphasis added]


Obviously, there was already concern about the prison bureaucrats doping Beecher up so he couldn’t tell the other inmates why he was a political prisoner, as if he were a Russian dissident shoved into a psikhushka (Soviet mental hospital). Due to the lack of transparency (despite enough of his court documents getting released, thankfully), there is no way to know for certain whether such “treatment” would’ve been potentially in violation of the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishments.

Jessica Beecher has controlled her father’s Facebook account at least since sentencing, if not earlier. On March 11th of 2017, Jessica wrote the following update [screenshots follow blockquotes]:


“Hey everyone. Figured I’d post a quick update on Dad for those of you who are wanting to know how he’s doing. Mom, Jeannie, and I were allowed to visit him at a hospital in South Carolina last Monday for a 2-hour visit. He was pretty heavily medicated, which made him sleepy and confused, but was still capable of making jokes and we saw glimpses of the Robert Beecher we all know.

“The next day or Wednesday he was transferred to FMC Butner in North Carolina, which is a medical facility about 6 ½ hours from us. Though he is further away, we will soon be able to have normal weekend visits with him which we weren’t able to do with him at the hospital. The kids will also be able to visit, which is the biggest benefit. Most of you know what his grandbabies mean to him, and I have no doubt he’d rather see them than nearly anyone else.

“We will be speaking to his old unit manager Monday to find out where in the process the Compassionate Release is, how far it is has made it. It is all done electronically by uploading his file into a system for approval and has been flagged as expedited so we are hopeful it will move quickly.

“The year we were originally told at diagnosis is an optimistic, best case scenario. I’ve never been one for optimism.

“I know several of you have plans for gatherings and visits and parties when he is released, but that’s probably not going to happen. His condition just isn’t up to that at this point. Visitors will be fine, but probably in small doses and only with my mom’s approval. We aren’t trying to be greedy, but we know our time with him is limited, and we don’t want him or her being overwhelmed.

“If you would like to send cards to him, please do. Long letters aren’t the best idea as with the pain medication he isn’t up to reading them. I know he loves getting mail, though, even if he isn’t capable of responding. Cards and photos will definitely be welcomed, and appreciated.

“His new address is: Robert Beecher, 18920-21; FMC Butner; Federal Medical Center; PO Box 1600; Butner, NC 27509.”


Right-click to enlarge.


Unfortunately, that address is no longer relevant, for it has come to my attention that as of March 12th, Robert Beecher has died:


“I am very sorry to have to say that as of 1 pm this afternoon, my Daddy is no longer with us. He lived a hard life, fought many battles, and I hope he finally has the peace that many of his years lacked. He did not want a service of any sort but we will eventually have a party to celebrate the time we had with him. Please keep him in your thoughts.”


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So ends Robert Beecher’s struggle with the federal government. Gary Hunt, who originally covered Beecher’s persecution, wrote a brief eulogy on March 13th, saying:


“Robert Beecher provided a written statement to me, shortly after his arrest. He concluded that statement with: ‘I have sworn my oath and I will uphold it to the end. No bended knee for me.’ He has held to that commitment, through his ordeal with the government’s efforts to suppress a voice for God, Constitution, and Family. He never did bend his knee to the government. He always bent his knee to his God and his Family.

“Rest in Peace, Robert M. Beecher; February 5th, 1954 – March 12th, 2017; Age: 63 years, 1 month, 7 days. His name will, forever, be on the list of true American patriots.”


Just like that, Beecher is no longer among the land of the living. He has crossed over, and I sincerely hope that he’s better off now than where he’s been these past few years.

For whatever it’s worth, the federal government robbed him of his precious time with his family. Jessica’s children will never get that time back with their late grandfather, and Jessica herself will never trust fedgov after the sheer hell they put her family through, as I’ve documented before in detail. This is the reality of living through early 21st century Amerika – if you support the manner in which the Beechers were treated (blackmail, extortion, etc.), then by all means, write off this political prisoner case study as just one more grist for the mill, but if you don’t happen to support fedgov, then you might want to consider actually doing something about the tyrannical practice of lawfare.

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