The Last Bastille Blog is your home for anti-political libertarianism! Whether you are interested in discovering how to “starve the beast” by reclaiming unclaimed property, withdrawing your child from attending public school, or rescinding your individual consent to be governed through cancelling your voter registration, there are plenty of options that exist for how to live freedom in your own daily life without ever having to beg government.

Kyle Rearden is a blogger, podcaster, and videographer who started The Last Bastille Blog in 2011 since he thought the blogosphere would be more conducive to his study of a wide variety of subjects within the alternative media. From 2009 – 2012, his former YouTube channel amassed over 127,000 total upload views with 150+ videos; and between 20122014, his blog has received approximately 81,000 total views. Currently, he is the creative consultant for Liberty Under Attack Radio, a co-host of Behind Enemy Lines, and records the Liberty Intelligence Files alongside Alex Ansary.

Feel free to send Kyle email [PGP Public Key].

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  4. Your article of ‘fake’ judges is completely wrong. You used codes and legalese to discredit these people. Do your research about constitutional judges/magistrates and the missing 13th amendment that disallows titles of nobility from holding any govt offices. Anyone with a BAR card sitting in court are fake.

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