Tax, Ban, or Regulate?

As the cancer of tyranny grows, the sphere of human action decreases, because over time, greater degrees of formerly legally-sanctioned activities become criminalized by the government. While plundering the wealth of the captive population, this Leviathan outlaws whatever behaviors it unilaterally decrees to be unacceptable. Once they have systematically commenced their program to tax, ban, or regulate everything imaginable, these self-imagined rulers become drunk on power, and thus, they are unable to stop their dehumanizing oppression of the citizenry.

In accordance with the legal maxims of nulla poena sine lege (no penalty without a law) and ignorantia juris non excusat (ignorance of the law is no excuse), I present, for your enlightenment, the politically binding legal codes for where I happen to live, arranged in order by jurisdiction; these are the Code of the City of Austin, the Texas Transportation Code, the Texas Government Code, the Texas Alcohol Beverage Code, the Texas Education Code, the Texas Health & Safety Code, the Texas Penal Code, the Texas Administrative Code, and the United States Code. Keep in mind as you read these “laws” that I subscribe to the position that vices are not crimes. For those of you who are not familiar, the “§” symbol is the legal “section sign.”

City of Austin


State of Texas


United States

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